Open Internet hunting, cloud depth, 】 【 each spirit was losing: giant beggar-thy-neighbour cooped users

this is Instapaper creator Marco Arment peer-reviewed articles published in the official website. As the Internet industry veteran players, Marco feel Internet open mental decline in recent years, the Internet company not think of themselves as part of the open network, “but rather think of yourself as a cage, the moment the user wants to” off “in the services provided by the”. Marco cry, Fuck all of them, called for users to use action to defend the Internet the spirit of open communication.

below is the full article in cloud network translation: hunting

author: Marco Arment

on July 1, Google “death” on time Google Reader (hereinafter referred to as the GR). And at that time, the network all kinds of stories circulating about GR “death”. Google official, utilization rate of decline year by year, make them feel should give up GR. The analysis and some of the so-called the personage inside course of study says, because Google doesn’t know how to make GR cash, therefore decided to give up this “business” at a loss.

however, in my opinion, the above two arguments are not the main cause of GR fate. First, Google has many projects can’t bring a lot of cash cow for Google, why GR “shot”. In addition, reportedly GR project has no independent operating personnel for many years, so while it is not profitable, but also not be Google’s burden. Second, the advent of the era of mobile, does shunt GR users, when Google announced the GR is going to stop the service, but there are so many netizens said not understand. In addition, in GR closed on the same day, as it is the best “successor” just have accumulated from its “old-timers” receive up to 7 million users. As a result, Google official does not obviously untenable.

so, we can not help but ask, why on earth to close the GR – a Google in many plays an extremely important role in the life. To explore this question, we first to get to know about the meaning of RSS application such as resource sharing. Maybe after that, you will understand the cause of death of GR.

RSS – the eternal spirit of the Internet on behalf of

along with the network resource service and the arrival of the era of truly open API, RSS aggregation of resources sharing application arises at the historic moment. However, this small spark finally formed “start a prairie fire”, after the arrival of a “blog world”. Personal blogs and RSS let us became an independent individual sense of the Internet for the first time, you can freely and easily build their own “information aggregation network”, even don’t have to worry about any bugs, because as long as know your exclusive domain, such as the same RSS Reader application. Then you will find your site.

not only that, once established, RSS system is almost don’t need you to manage it. The need to design, do not need to change the API, also need not scruple network tide, the change of the original “slash-and-burn” developers, after RSS “empire” was set up, you can retire, enjoy this service provides the convenience. In a word, the RSS (and API), make it possible for polymerization of network resources and information, so it is a mirror of Internet freedom and sharing spirit.

Internet giants “dream” greedy platform

but, unfortunately, the age, Shared web service apis freedom, in comprehensive coming the moment has been a lot of people as a “fish Geng in back bur, throat”. Below are quoted from a few weeks ago, from which it is easy to find such as GR as RSS “lost” :

as Facebook is growing, once the developing mode of AOL is no longer regarded as crazy, even by many Internet giants as their own development goals. (translator note: AOL to America online, because of its “Bermuda” way of expansion and criticized by the successor. Article here mean, AOL hope by acquiring a series of the company to let oneself become users one-stop only choice)

unfortunately, when Facebook is trying to, for the user to provide “one-stop” social service “network empire dream”, the “pass”, other peers are racing to replicate Facebook development model. Entrepreneurial companies are no longer positioning themselves as part of the Internet, concentrate to do one thing, but rather think of yourself as a “cage”, moment the user wants to “off” in his services. Obviously, when the above one by one after “the warlords” rise, through the API free polymerization, the idea of information and share network resources, naturally become their “outrage”, to crack down on objects.

Internet giants and greedily to build their own platform, and also the footstone of “corrosion” in the Internet.

the crux of the problem is not closed once they open API, Twitter gradually tighten the API policy behavior, tell from the business is reasonable. As Internet users, and want to know what we need is to get their information and knowledge, and a completely open, without any reservations website does not necessarily help user to solve practical problems.

however, these “one-stop” platform “interoperability” of serious damage to the Internet. RSS, semantic markup (semantic markup), paper (microformat), and an open API, all under the resources of the Internet communication, can the Internet giant to all users on your platform, nature is the RSS application such as “black out”. They cut off the Internet “interoperability”, in an attempt to usurp all user information and data, even if someone is able to take out their own information, will be stuck in a “loner” position (the exported data was cut off social connections, and even import other applications cannot normal use, even after a lot of data export to is useless).

GR: Google the victim of the strategy of “integration”

Google once as the “greed” is the embodiment of the resistance, when Facebook and other social networking platform started “balkanization” Internet, Google had to operate their own “Google + platform strategy”. (see the hunting cloud network reported:) Google, Facebook, Twitter, “three pillar”, under the situation of the Internet almost every moment in the “blood” event.

and the GR is Google and other victims of the “giants” competition. Although GR let Google users have a good reputation, and can provide it with a large number of user data, but unfortunately,

the “integration” of the existence of GR and Google + platform strategy. Google hopes to Google + can become the only option for the user, read, share, or communication, it attempts to like Facebook, let users “stranded” Google + for a long time in the world. Because Google think that we can let it get “exclusive” user data, and earn a lot of money.

FUCK ALL OF THEM! To defend our own network!

as the opposite of “integration platform”, RSS represents a completely open, decentralized, owned by the collective nature of the Internet. It is the cornerstone of the Internet and Internet companies. But Facebook, Twitter and Google doesn’t know this, they put the RSS as a development strategy of “stumbling block”, only “kill” can “quick”.


without them, the earth works very well! We should also like before, to defend the core spirit of the Internet, resist those who try to discourage network exchange, resource sharing “bosses” of the Internet. As network defenders of freedom, we are not allowed on the Internet “imperialism” and “hegemony”. In “integration platform” growing at the same time, I firmly believe in the future people will develop more new technology, new tools to protect network freedom, independence, communication, and the rights of ordinary users!