Only three highlights: the iPhone 5 c and iPhone 5 s to fit test video

few words said, for each reader in foreign journalists from the conference, the scene to fit test video.

the iPhone 5 c

the iPhone 5 s

more powerful camera is one of the iPhone 5 s of the few bright spots. 15% larger than the original photo sensor, can better capture the light. Two kinds of different color LED flash mode, can adapt to different color temperature of the environment. Continuous shooting mode, the iPhone 5 s can capture 10 per second. In addition, it also has promoted photography photography (slow) function, can take up to 120 frames per second and 720 p video.

of course, the A7 64 processor is also good, at the beginning of processing performance is 40 times of iPhone. In addition, the iPhone 5 s and a motion tracking processing chip called M7. Part will know that it will attract more health on detection application developers.

Touch ID (fingerprint identification) is undoubtedly the most creative elements in the iPhone 5 s function. In addition to unlock their fingerprints, apple announced that Touch ID can also be used in various applications such as iTunes purchase of payment certification. Not only that, but the function also has many fingerprint authentication function. And he said, you and your family, friends, can be in the same iPhone 5 s to use this feature.

the iPhone 5 c (configuration) and the iPhone 5 is almost as a whole. Although the colour is gorgeous, but the price of 4488 yuan are not people. However, apple has said it would stop selling the iPhone 5, professionals believe that the move is falling behind in order to make consumers, buy the iPhone 5 c.