Only 16% of American adults use Twitter but they are young, bright, local tyrants

recently make Twitter is melancholy and happy.

this is from the Pew Research Center reported that only 16% of American adults use Twitter, and only half of them will choose to get news and information through Twitter. In contrast, 30% of American adults can choose via Facebook know what happened in the world.

however, Twitter feel gratified that compared to Facebook users, Twitter above the 16% of users more young, higher education in the United States, the most important thing is that they are more rich. In addition, men became Twitter the main user groups (USA) .

according to the survey, Twitter users the annual income of $75000 higher than Facebook users. Twitter users, the proportion of male users accounted for 50%, while Facebook is 42%. Twitter user groups are mainly concentrated in 18 to 29 of the younger generation in the United States, accounting for 45% of the total number of users (and Facebook that figure was 34%). Not only that, Twitter users overall education level is higher than Facebook, the user community in the master’s degree holders, 40% and 30% of Facebook.

in addition, the report pointed out that Twitter77 % of users from outside the United States. Twitter “smartphone generation” of young people in the high permeability (including in emerging markets). But Twitter is not in the above that giant such as percentage of the revenues in the overseas market.