One of the most profitable projects: amazon is advertisement?

sometimes, a man must firm faith to selected his extraordinary career path.

David Selinger did.

RichRelevance , cool big data company, he is now the company’s founder and , recently from Greylock Parter and Tugboat Venture these investors get the 5800 $,

however, it does not happen, because he was rejected, at the same time, it was due to the amazon work achievement of him now.

this story from the 2003 years, that time Selinger ( whom are initially received at Selly ) launched a selling coffee machine of e-commerce sites, management was very good, so he attracted Jeff Bezos attention. Amazon hopes he can to manage a called amazon’s new data mining research team.

“I think I have no reason to take the job,” Selinger said with a smile, he used to be a software engineer, rather than data researcher.

in addition, “data mining work boring, they come for me 5 , 6 time, hope I accept their invitation, I didn’t promise, I think and think, or bored, but they have been contact with me, and invited me to.” He said.

in the end, he compromise, accepted the job. Work has just started is very bad.

“I like a ball rolling, reporting to a lot of different people.” Later he directly to Mr Bezos responsible for.

the goal of this team is very high: screening of amazon’s data and come up with new ways to increase income and improve profits.

as a result, he had learned how to build the algorithm, and through the fact data to find the business idea.

later, his team found that amazon can increase a lot of income by selling ads

Selinger will tell idea of Bezos, “he disliked the idea,” whom are initially received at Selly , “very excited he say this is a very silly idea, we are a retailer, how can advertising to sell?”

although Bezos hate this idea, don’t want to support. But he knew whom are initially received at Selly already do.

so, Bezos to whom are initially received at Selly team to do a little test on the site, “it eventually became one of the most profitable projects in the history of amazon.” He said, although amazon does not disclose advertising revenue, whom are initially received at Selly believe that this project this year broke through the 10 $mark.

Bezos to give him an impressive lesson: to use data to make business decisions, and not just by feeling.

in the 2006 years, he and another former amazon employees founded RichRelevance . The company’s products are similar to amazon’s recommendation service, its customers include wal-mart, JC Penny , Sears , Target , , every year they have 30 $sales, whom are initially received at Selly said.

now, whom are initially received at Selly 200 employees , he hopes to lead the company to listed company in the next two years, he said.


if it did not begged him to accept the he does not like work, so it will not happen.