On March 23, ma speech revealed to dry at 4 o ‘clock

on March 23, “China top BBS 2013” held in Beijing, ma made a speech. Hunting cloud network is pointed out that the dry part.

the first, a lot of the impact of the original model. The past all the global Internet business model, was built in the PC on the Internet, in the last two years, has greatly impacted by the high-speed mobile Internet development. In China, especially in recent half a year, android smartphone has dropped below one thousand yuan, this is a landmark event, greatly promoted in China hundreds of millions of users have not upgraded to smartphones. Ma believes that this will provide the basis for the development of mobile Internet after.

cloud network hunting note: tencent’s future mobile Internet, is bound to comply with the trend, invested heavily in the mobile Internet.

second, business model is difficult to find. In 2012, is not only a tencent and other Internet companies in the PC and use the flow time is flat and mobile end, even may be slightly lower, but at the same time, mobile phone use and the use of time in high-speed growth. Although, China has to 580 million the number of Internet users, but growth has entered a bottleneck period, China enjoy Internet demographic dividend has in the past, at the same time facing in the direction of the mobile Internet growth. Frightening is that the mobile Internet has not yet found a good business model, the business model is still not clear on mobile. Ma huateng, points out that business model is a global problem, a south Korean statistics show that on the phone’s BianXianLv 3 – seven times worse than a PC. Therefore, ma huateng is considering a change strategy. “We do mobile PC and two teams are separate, later found no, do a product must be from PC to mobile phones, is likely to form a coherent experience.” Ma said.

cloud network hunting note: ma mentioned 2 points worthy of the industry reference. Is a mobile phone to liquidate difficult, on the phone BianXianLv 3 – seven times worse than a PC. This means to make money in the mobile Internet, must seek more new business model. One is that the Internet company must do statistics, cannot split between mobile and PC, this will affect the user experience.

based on the changes in the new pattern, represented by WeChat mobile Internet products are created. “We found that it has great potential, it sets the instant messaging, streaming media, and there is a new life, in fact we also see this may be the best chance of China towards the international products.” Ma talked about micro letter, 2013, tencent will spend more cost and investment in the global promotion, may be associated with ogilvy have cooperation in the future.

cloud network hunting note: WeChat globalized promotion has been imminent, ogilvy is WeChat, please pay attention to the international image of the performance.

ma denied WeChat will charge. He pointed out that tencent with operators in the future there will be more and more cooperation, because have a lot of traffic, operators will voice to data flow from the past business is given priority to, the future cooperation in space will be more and more big.

cloud network hunting note: ma in public carriers for all show that WeChat and secretly game between operators continues.