On July 24, Google will be released?

7 on 24 day, Google will hold a conference invitation letter has been sent to the hands of some media. The conference hosted by skin looked. Believe Mr Hunt cloud reader to skin looked ( Sundar Pichai ) no stranger, he is now at the same time led Android and Chrome two teams.

so, the conference will be published?

Android 4.3

90% more possibilities. this is likely to launch a New Android version, is 4.3 or 5.0 ? The English of science and technology media is generally accepted that 5.0 is impossible, but there are a lot of Chinese science and technology media (including portal) is to be published this morning still claim that Google 5.0 . Xiao yun thought 5.0 the possibility of less than ten percent.

the following this picture from a portal morning news:

after Androidcentral website already have the Android 4.3 overhand video exposure . Android 4.3 will be a small upgrades to the current version, the main functions and interface changes are still unknown.

second-generation Nexus 7

90% . the Nexus 7 hardware has been leaking, this conference would probably be released directly.

Chrome OS

80% possibilities. in the role of the conference must be Android , but as the leader of the department of double, Pichai Chrome OS change.

Moto X

Possibility of

10% . is unlikely, because skin looked is Android instead of MOTOROLA’s leaders. If Moto X release, it needs a more grand ceremony, and the host should be MOTOROLA director (might even be page), and should not be in such a casually belongs to Android available conference lightly.

predict risk, talk need to be careful… Moral integrity in the great god, please let xiao yun all predict success!