On it! Samsung customer satisfaction more than it?

recently, from the global market research firm J.D. Power has caused widespread media attention. The survey noted that samsung tablet in satisfaction is higher than the U.S. consumers.

it is understood that this report is to the United States in 3375 in a recent years bought a tablet user survey results. Respectively for different brands of tablet set up five criteria: performance (accounting for 26% of the total score); Easy degree (accounting for 22% of the total score); The design and style (accounting for 19% of the total score); Functions (accounting for 17% of the total score); Price (accounting for 16% of the total score).

we found that the device have been in the first four 5 stars, but in terms of price only won 2 stars. Finally the overall satisfaction is divided into 833 points. At the same time, not a samsung tablet in the five criteria won five stars, but because of the price advantage, total satisfaction score was leading apple 2 points (835 points). J.D. Power survey means that, in spite of the performance, design, well ahead of samsung tablet, the function is lost on the price.

in addition, ranking third is amazon Kindle Fire series, satisfaction in fourth place is the Asus tablet products. While acer tablet is lower than the average consumer satisfaction score.

here is the survey of the other main contents:

, 59% of consumers will choose to buy tablet products in the stores, the other 41% of consumers will choose to buy on the net. In addition, the satisfaction of consumer online buying tablet score was 8.5 (full mark is 10 points), and in the entity shop to buy a tablet satisfaction score was 8.3 (full score of 10 points);

before buying, 50% of consumers will listen to the recommendations from friends, family, colleagues, 49% of consumers will choose to view the manufacturer’s website information.