Old media era of Twitter, CNN?

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about 25 years ago, CNN in the Persian gulf war and operation desert storm cover 24 hour reports, and therefore a household name. Before this, literally never continuous bombing news reports to the audience, the people will stick to the front of the television, ted Turner and founded the company casting has become a media mogul.

but soon enter 2013 year, everything becomes unstable.

in addition to the ratings plummeted from Microsoft and the national cable radio and television company (MSNBC ) and Fox News channel competition (Fox News), CNN and social media even face-to-face confrontation. Will be attention to those young opponent, “the most trusted in the press” CNN appear shrink.

Twitter friends and enemies also, CNN Jeff Zucker last week said in a speech in Atlanta press club luncheon.

Zucker , joined in January CNN , has conducted a series of changes within the organization and reorganization. Before this, CNN going through a series of embarrassing incidents, mainly including the Supreme Court ruling oolong, carnival tanker disaster events are reported and inaccurate reports of Boston a terrorist attack last week. Zucker take CNN after, will have some problems the company put on the table.

many critics have pointed to the John King , but the main problem is actually CNN can’t keep up with the opponent moving: social media, especially Twitter .

when errors in journalism maloperation of your money as the bank, in a new era of the driven by social media news, the latest false reports to Boston’s terrorist event to strengthen the consumer demand for instant report, which is something like CNN the old the crux of the news organization. not long ago, the news fans or in the CNN for the latest news. But those days are gone. Last week, the critical moment, it is Twitter not the mainstream television media attacks in Boston. This shift will be to some Twitter as a new CNN .

this is why “we (CNN ) use, dependence and fear of social media, “last week, Zucker said.

in a changing media world, the current PBS MediaShift executive editor, Mark Glaser , Zuker comments not only on CNN , for all of the traditional media is hit the nail on the head.

Twitter is the press a scourge, bared his teeth are scare the lion tamer at once were.

Zucker and CNN Twitter and social media, “ Glaser said. Not only because this social platform for the source of the diversity of news and events have better, more because, he says, “this is a platform they never had. Become a cable channel is one thing, but how do you like Twitter competition? To start my own social network?”

in view of this, at last week’s luncheon, Zucker announced their intentions, revealed plans to investing heavily in digital domain. This means not only the new show style, more means content delivery channel and the audience will see what will have a big shock.

when a reporter asked him if he would consider a special sponsorship struggling CNN.com the content of the website, before he left, he was quoted as saying “of course”.

but the result remains to be seen, it is undeniable that income and the audience are falling. Zucker are looking for any way he could find the hole plug and profit from it. That means using social networks such as Twitter . Because it is not going to disappear, there is an audience.

“for them this is a new field,” Glaser said. “So the CNN will do our utmost to use Twitter platform, can’t really beat Twitter .”

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