Nvidia CEO jen-hsun huang: Win RT operating system is very disappointed

Beijing time on March 20, according to foreign media reports, chip makers nvidia CEO jen-hsun Huang (Jen Hsun Huang), said Win RT equipment sales lower than expected, so far, Microsoft’s Windows RT operating system is very “disappointed”.

huang is in nvidia developers conference spoke, an analyst at the meeting. He points out that carrying Win RT equipment, such as Microsoft’s Surface RT and asus Vivo Tab RT – sales situation is not ideal.


jen-hsun huang said: “the Win RT to our disappointment, we expected this kind of equipment sales will be bigger, everyone thinks so.” He points out, the next question is, how important is it Win RT for Microsoft? Microsoft will continue to investment for the software? The have many equipment based on ARM chips, such as Windows RT tablet computer company is very important.

jen-hsun huang said: “the Win RT for Microsoft is important? ARM for Microsoft is important? I don’t think the answer is probably “not sure”. Is very important, because a large number of devices need to find some way into the ecosystem.”

huang pointed out that Microsoft may eventually take appropriate measures to improve Win RT, Win RT may be one day in the future to establish themselves in the position in the marketplace. He wants to see a Microsoft Windows RT provides support for Outlook, think it will attract more users. He also said that the development of Windows RT version of Outlook on the technical level is not impossible.

jen-hsun huang said: “the Outlook is very good, I know, a wise man will provide Outlook to millions of consumers, consumers are compatible with bated breath for the Outlook slim, long standby PC.”

Microsoft Win RT is run on based on ARM chip’s first operating system. So far, the operating system has experienced many setbacks, including the ARM chip maker Texas instruments out of the market. Number of Windows RT equipment sale less than expected, and listed on the product sales is also very poor.

it is believed that Microsoft has sold more than 1.5 million sets of Surface equipment, of which about 1 million units for RT version of the device. The sales was only about Microsoft’s initial expectations about half. In addition, the Windows RT initial partners samsung also gave up the market in the United States Win RT equipment plan, and cut back on sales in the international market Win RT plan of the equipment.

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