Nvidia an Android game consoles shields

recently, Nvidia (Nvidia) for game enthusiasts launched a “retro games” called “shields”. Although is a brand new game equipment, can be either in appearance or in operation, can be called up happy memories of after 80.

closed state shields the shape similar to the devil rays, streamlined design, connect body black, convex part is dazzling silver. After opening, shields is a bit like Xbox360 and an aggregate of the nintendo ds, but they are slightly larger than the point.

although shields support touch screen control, but the device is designed for players like game controllers. Connected to the screen of the control panel, have more than one game control keys, the user can completely rely on these buttons to convenient manipulation of the various games.

is famous for making graphics, nvidia in shields equipment also provides users with the best display screen. 5 inches, 294 ppi screen while in not very high-end, but enough to provide users with rich visual experience.

shields with native version Android4.2.1 system, built-in nvidia their produce prototypes 4 processor, 2 gb RAM, 12 gb of memory. This wonderful work product is not only a kind of high-performance video games, also allows users to make voice calls such as Skype. In addition, built-in GPS, also supports forward and Foursquare, Google applications, that is to say, to put aside the game handle, the goods is a small Android tablet. Shields are not currently supported mobile wireless data, so the user to use the application, need Wifi connection.

however, as an Android game equipment, focused on the game joysticks shields, may face is not suitable for the game application of the embarrassing situation. Although the Android platform game a lot, but really few types fit and handle operation. However, this kind of style restoring ancient ways of gaming devices, also to some extent, raised some have “outdated” games. Such as sonic the hedgehog, super Mario, pocket elf, such as game, gave a generation brought infinite joy, so these old game “handle” s operation could make shields to obtain a bigger development space.

shields have long battery life, 65% of the brightness of the screen operation environment, the device can support for 10 hours, and only need through charging MicroUSB socket can be achieved in the rear of the device. In addition, the shields also has rich external interface.

it is understood that shields the big guy weighed 1.2 pounds (about 1.1 kg), and 7 inch tablet only 290 g, new Nexus7 iPadmini weight is 308 g.

shields is priced at $299 and will be available soon.