Not to say that the wall fell? Iran’s President, to encourage government officials on Facebook

in Iran, social networks in general are disabled. Even so, the existing message shows that government officials can register on social networking sites, add buddy, and to release the contents of the collection point.

as the United States has initiated to Syria armed action, tensions in the Middle East again. And Iran’s newly elected President hassan? Lu hani brought a gentle breath for this situation.

according to the Associated Press, hani lu now is encouraging the government officials to join Facebook , is trying to Facebook constructs the harmonious relationship between the government.

since he took office last month, lu haney on administration tried to distinguish it from the tough style of the former President, mahmoud ahmadinejad. He not only he has the Facebook home page, also called on its officials to join together Facebook . Obviously, lu haney of Iran’s current network status are more open.

but the problem is that Iran’s civilian people want to come into contact with the Facebook interconnection products such as can not easy at all.


2009 years, opposition to use social media, opposition to Mr Ahmadinejad’s government after the speech, Iranian officials began to disable the Facebook. Treat social media, Iran’s official news sites include some mail site have always been a controversial to the outside world. The past few years, the Iranian government blocked major international news websites, Google search engine and the YouTube has been rejected. Iran last year and even a few degrees to cut off the Internet links.

now, lu haney encourage officials to join Facebook or will be slowing Iran on social networks and the Internet control sign. Iran, however, Internet content regulation, head of Gholam Hossein Ejehei , according to facts is not the case. He told the Associated Press, “has yet to Facebook deregulation and other web sites.

2012 , Facebook IPO once indicated in the prospectus, the world only Syria to , irfan Iran, a country, Chesapeake banned FB, netizens figuratively referred to as “ SICK the four countries “.