Nokia will business focus to Here map service

nokia Here business department is responsible for positioning and business executive vice President Michael Herr bo (Michael Halbherr) said in an interview on Thursday, after sell mobile phone business to Microsoft, nokia is the business focus to map service, hope the business will become company’s new growth engine.

hull bo said that nokia hopes will reach more Here digital map service in mobile phones, more vehicles and more enterprises. Hull said: “our strategy is very clear, very directly, it is for those who don’t have it map assets of the company. For anyone who does not have its own map assets, we are their supplier of course.”

due to market demand for digital maps and location technology of rapid growth, the market to attract the attention of the world famous technology companies, including Google and apple. In 2008, $8.1 billion deal to buy nokia services Navteq map. Now, nokia maps service has been renamed “Here”, and become one of Microsoft’s three main business transaction after nokia. Two other business is network solutions and advanced technology division.

Here in more than 190 countries provide current map service, to provide real-time traffic information in 34 countries. In the mobile map and navigation market, direct competition with Google and apple. Nokia Here map services clients include ford, audi, Toyota, SAP, oracle, amazon and yahoo!, etc.

Here is the only a nokia 2012 net revenue growth of business, although year-on-year growth of 1%. Nokia devices and services sector, by contrast, last year’s revenue plunged 34%, while net revenue fell 2%. Last year, Here business revenue accounts for only 4% of nokia’s total net revenue. Compared with 51% for equipment and services revenue, network solutions business accounted for 45%.

Microsoft to buy nokia mobile phone business, after four years in the future will continue to pay the nokia Here pay licensing fees, and will become one of nokia’s three big customers. Herr bo said, licensing agreement with Microsoft have been expanded to the Microsoft website and Windows Phone.

source: sina science and technology