Nokia laughed at the iPhone 5 c: imitation is the highest praise for us!

in the iPhone 5 c shortly after release, and paroxysmal expressed his opponent’s sarcastic comments.

in the official Twitter apple!” .

why nokia thanks to apple? Murphy is really for nokia the iPhone 5 c colorful plastic back cover very envy, or innovation for apple feel admire it?

about this, we take a look at this tweet pictures. Nokia (USA) added in this tweet with rich, bright-coloured colour of nokia mobile phone photo. And wrote in the picture: “imitate for nokia is the highest praise.

so, not only was it inspired American colleagues. Soon after, it wrote in the blog a more aggressive language: “true robbers don’t choose gold”.

however, nokia’s laugh at in some way to justifying the point: the iPhone 5 s didn’t bring too big surprise.

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