Nokia how people view a takeover by Microsoft: mixed feelings, some happy, some question elop is a Trojan horse

Microsoft announced acquisition of nokia devices and services department has in the past day, appeared on the Twitter with opinions and emotions, however, I believe that no one is better than nokia employees affected by vibration. Although Microsoft said it would remain in the Finnish mobile phone business, but at the same time also plans in the acquisition of 18 months cut 6 $overhead, this news made already tense increasingly strong.

Marc Kleinmaier, head of north American carriers such as nokia employees in Twitter :

I am now working for Microsoft () as I wish! ; ) Microsoft bought nokia devices and services.

– Marc Kleinmaier (@ gadgetman)

whether Microsoft’s move is best, all of us in nokia’s people this is a very exciting moment. – John Kneeland (@ SirKneeland)

and Here map service senior marcom manager Pino Bonetti and former head of nokia’s camera department Damian Dinning now have the same feelings:

I’m in tears!

— Pino at HERE (@ haikus)

I try to understand the news this morning, a kind of complicated emotion mixed with over the years all kinds of conspiracy theories hovering in my mind.

– Damian Dinning (@ PhoneDaz)

a lot of people mentioned in recent years, with the rapid acquisition of size of other transactions. Comparing with the Google acquisition MOTOROLA speech everywhere. But former nokia research institute manager Dave Trevaskus think nokia real decline is in the past five years.

a symbol of the era of change, nokia is better than the deal with Microsoft 5 years ago NAVTEQ that deal.

– Dave Trevaskus (@ DaveTrevaskus)

in the current social media there’re a lot about Mr Profumo had joined the motivation of nokia and ceos analysis interpretation (more a lot of people identified elop the identity of the Trojan horse), and Microsoft’s acquisition of nokia’s rumor was started in 2011 at the earliest. Nokia that former executives, of course, not to give up the opportunity to criticize elop and Microsoft, such as Alexander Oswald even said:

our enemies by Microsoft CEO would have intention to buy nokia this position!

– Alexander Oswald (@ _alexoswald)

the former marketing manager also commented on:

if I were a institutional investors, I very want to see Mr Proglio every email.

– Russell Beattie (@ RussB)

and former vice President of Juha olli-pekka Sipponen have different opinions, he believed that the acquisition of nokia is not the main purpose of Microsoft:

a Trojan horse? Secret plan? No, no, no, I don’t think so, this just Microsoft’s powerful means, plan B

– Juha olli-pekka Sipponen (@ jpzip)

but on no account can we avoid a bit, nokia, standing for many years, believe that there won’t be another name can replace the position of nokia, after all, nokia alone for so many years:

well, Microsoft, you just bought TM the coolest brand, well, well, I don’t blame you

– Phil Schwarzmann (@ PhilSchwarzmann)