Nobel laureates talk about Mr. Ballmer retirement: Microsoft and apple strategy of similarities

the New York times columnist Paul Krugman, Paul r. Krugman) recently published articles, the Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) is retiring published their own views. , who in the financial field scolds but not involved in the technology industry’s Nobel laureate, said Microsoft’s heyday strategy, and apple’s current strategy is very similar, they rely on external network established dominance. However, apple’s current dominance is not so stable, and Microsoft it on the quality and not too.

here is the article main content:

I’m not a science and technology industry experts, so I can’t catch up with the industry response speed to Steve ballmer’s resignation. Maybe a lot of people think that I want to say very clearly, but I still think need to say: in retrospect, Microsoft’s heyday of strategy and apple’s current strategy is extremely similar.

micro soft story, I believe you are familiar with. In the 1980 s, Microsoft and apple sales operating system, apple obviously do better. But apple to misunderstand the nature of the market: it says, “we have a better operating system, so we just let it appear on their own beautiful equipment, and charge the expensive price.” Meanwhile, Microsoft will own system to a large number of cheap equipment manufacturers, and establish the dominant position in the external network. People use Windows, simply because the others in the use of Windows, there is more software, enterprise technology department can provide support, etc.

this dominance continues today: I’m in a Windows 7 operating system of the notebook to write this article, I didn’t even considered apple laptops, main reason is that Wilson’s primary School (Wilson School) people in the IT department has no plans to buy apple products.

but missed the development of the mobile device is a Microsoft, apple is temporarily leading on this wave. I say “temporarily” because, as far as I know, apple products have not the quality of the huge advantage. I have an iPhone, but unfortunately, it failed to survived after the ducks. Now I have a samsung mobile phone, but the difference is not big. I have a it, bought it because of good quality. But when I found that I need a can carry in your pocket a small tablet, I have found the Mini was not much better than its Android competitors, when some task for me even worse.

now, different from Microsoft, apple does not sell shoddy goods, but at a higher price, sell a good quality product. How does it do that? The same external network: the main application is more abundant. As far as I know, because I did not use too many applications.

that, compared with Microsoft, apple’s dominance prospects? Don’t forget, Microsoft actually created a hugely successful story, it firmly grasp the PC industry for decades, until today is still such, just change the PC market itself. My impression was that apple is not so stable dominance, in part because IT relied too much on the user group loyalty, rather than like Microsoft mainly depends on a more conservative enterprise IT managers’ loyalty.

however, this is a good story. I complained about apple is like this.

I had a problem with apple products. Overall, apple reflects the spirit of Steve jobs, he knew that user to want what, have no choice but to let the user. If you are a typical user, you may be for the same simple things, with a lot of energy to rebut the iOS.

the key is: regular readers know, I especially like the YouTube video website to watch a live performance, I hope that in the absence of broadband connection can still see the video. As a result, I download to the PC series, the MP4 format has a lot of plug-ins can finish the task.

but in fact, I really want to download them on the tablet. To complete this on iOS, the first thing to import it into iTunes, keep synchronization. This is not particularly troublesome, but they need extra steps. But in video finishing is a big problem: how can I tell the iTunes, one of my favorite 10 games Arcade Fire band is actually a relevant overall?

I have discovered, is the only way to finish the work in iTunes, this is a TV show doesn’t exist. It is feasible, but it is ridiculous. If on the Nexus 7, I just need to copy them into a folder named “Arcade Fire”. That’s all.

source: tencent technology