Next January, Chrome will kill Google Earth, Google Talk, etc

yesterday, Chrome security engineer wrote in blog, by January next year, Google will kill a series of browser plug-in framework based on NPAPI standard. Including Google Earth (Google Earth), Google Talk , Facebook video , Silverlight, etc.

the Chrome most of the browser plug-in is based on NPAPI standard. The plug-in interface framework is netscape to 90 s development. Since it has cross-platform-ability, under the support of most existing browsers. However, in recent years, the standard of security also questioned by Google and other Internet companies. Although Google has launched PPAPI standard, but has not been included Mozilla in major company’s identity. We are familiar with the the Adobe Flash Player and so on is based on Google launched the new plugin interface standard.

it is understood that the following Chrome the plugin will be 2014 , 1 month was placed on the “white list”. Still use the plugin users, please as soon as possible to find alternatives.

? Silverlight (Google said even though in the past month, 15% users to download the plugin, but they found that the user is rarely used

? Unity (9.1%)

? Google Earth (9.1%)

? Java (8.9%)

? Google Talk (8.7%)

? Facebook Video (6.0%)

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