News that Europe and the United States, Hong Kong version of the Galaxy Note III “lock area” phenomenon exists

according to foreign media reports, science and technology on sale just near the Galaxy Note III “regional locking” phenomenon. They found that north American and European version of the Galaxy Note III will not be able to use SIM card of the other countries and regions.

it is understood that the two British mobile phone retailers and have to consumers on its website issued the news tips:

“Galaxy Note (III) is the product only with local (Britain, Europe) operators of SIM card. These countries and regions including Europe, America, Scotland, and Albania, bosnia and herzegovina, Montenegro, the former yugoslav republic of Macedonia, Monaco, SAN marino, Serbia, Vatican city.”

at the same time, according to consumer reaction, they in the purchase of Europe and the United States version of the Galaxy Note III on the packaging, found the “regional lock” prompt. In addition, according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, hk Galaxy Note III tip with a similar label on the package.

, published related statements, and provide the solution to the problem of consumer. General content is as follows:

Samsung did sell products according to different region “regional lock” Settings. These devices include: Galaxy Note, the Galaxy S3, the Galaxy Note II and III of the Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S4 Mini;However, the regional lock products only after the end of July 2013 products. And has delivered equipment, that is, those who put in the warehouse or retail products and no regional lock;If consumers to buy the regional locking device, and in the case of has not been activated, can be unlocked to samsung local service providers.

Android foreign science and technology media media Authority on the analysis of the samsung after Germany’s statement that the area locking phenomenon is caused by the inside of the mobile phone software. This means that the geeks and technology enthusiasts can be “prison break”.

it is not clear why samsung to regional lock setting its flagship device. Analysts believe that samsung in a move to control the import of smartphone industry in the “gray market operation” (xiao yun analysis refers to the scalpers this).