News that cheap Moto X – Moto DVX October sale, under $200, four color back cover

foreign science and technology media quoted insiders, MOTOROLA will launch Moto X cheap version – Moto DVX .

on Monday, science and technology media obtained from a photo session, saying they are found in the photo (below) the MOTOROLA will launch of Moto DVX “suspicious” information.

(translator note: Republic Wireless is located in the United States of north Carolina a Wireless communications service startup. The company was founded in 2011, years, and recently announced that it will in 299 $ Moto X . )

more earlier, the FCC released MOTOROLA three device detects report submitted to its. The three phone code respectively XT1032, XT1033, XT1035. Interestingly, polymerization news website Reddit on a net friend said, he by Google search by some mobile phone retailer in the UK are beginning to accept the above phone booking.

in addition, the enthusiastic netizens also lists to his mobile phone price:

ยท 8 gb black edition Moto DVX for 214-243 $(including VAT);

16 gb, black edition Moto DVX for 234 $(including VAT).

analysts believe that given the mobile retail prices are relatively low, therefore, 200 Moto DVX it is very possible.


woodside has publicly acknowledged that they will launch more than one Moto X products. And promised to emerging markets will launch cheap version ( 200 Moto X phone.

recently, the sina weibo user published a photo seems again confirmed the fact. Photos of suspected as Moto DVX equipment back cover with green, pink, black, white, four options.

foreign science and technology media said that they have learned from the source, the device will be launched in October.