Netflix would stop issuing API keys for new developers, a pause in its developer program

Netflix ( Netflix is an online movie rental providers. Company can provide large quantity of the DVD, but also can let customers choose film quickly and easily, free delivery at the same time. Netflix has five consecutive was rated as the most satisfying customers site. By PC, TV and the device, the iPhone to watch movies, TV shows, can through the Wii, Xbox360, connected TV) Friday afternoon announced the suspension of the PS3 to its development plan. Netflix will be released immediately stop API key, also do not accept new API access. Company will no longer test environment for developers and developers, developers site is now set to read-only mode. From 4 on day, Netflix OData directory will be cancelled.

is the only good news for developers, is currently actively debugging API application will remain active, similar to the, Goodfilms and CanlStream. It the service may be temporarily online status will remain.

the company said the changes are in order to make them more can focus all developers API product advantage and function. In the past few years, accumulated support all equipment user has reached ten thousand.

here is the company announced a formal file:

we will no longer give developers release new API key, is now actively debugging API will continue to be online. At the same time we also do not accept new API , but now all this will not affect the active cooperation of the company.

also won’t provide the test environment, test tools already have a period of time can’t use we will not restore these.

developer portal BBS was set to read-only mode temporarily, we encourage developers in the StackOverflow netflixapi “tag to continue the discussion. Now all the posts in the BBS are retained in the form of the archive on the website.

from 13 , 4 on day, we will cancel the OData directory.