Netease “wicked smart” contribute 】 【 only fade?

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

the last two days is a small public relations war is its netease. Specifically, for a product is currently the most strength of netease news to the client. A has a comparatively clear background media questioned its 1.2 billions of users is not solid and suspected brush list. Do all know of the market, this thing has always been the letter, some data. The past numerous public relations campaign had revolves around data, but the basic situation is that it is difficult to go whether confirmed or falsified. As for brush list, the basic domestic all mobile application is sin. If the company can say oneself do not brush list that just like Mr. Wang said he didn’t bribe, can only give master “the conscience” no choice. Single open here is don’t want to entwine in these two aspects, that is the task of the netease dao friends. Na just think netease as its here, followed by some practice before its really not match its jianghu status, slot in their mouth, have to vomit.

first, market strategy of netease the serious lag.

now the various market operations is translucent, active in the field of news client the sniper netease is limited several old rivals, with three toes. So after this thing out of the netease must know how to gun. But sadly, it is said that the sniper articles, after sending to the netease had to delete draft time, busy that call a joy. To this, can only say that old na netease you already on the market idea behind the somebody else is a paragraph. Random search on the net, the snipers netease article has in some the media ground there.

look at netease, release a message beforehand with offline activities, high cost, the key is that kind of activity are the main participants basic Internet circles, hate can’t from the listening with ears is operating sohu news client, tencent news small make up the client’s rivals, what do you expect on the spread of positive reflect; As for the official message itself, not to mention, that newspeak, catching up news broadcast fills up the topic; Negative news out after then let people delete draft fire everywhere. Which point does this kind of practice is to make you believe it will be netease this operatives of habits? For yourself doing media netease’s performance in the regular pr offensive and can only give a negative rating.

second, netease also didn’t find a proper breakthrough point for the initiative.

netease either passive and is a key reason why fluky psychology. Domestic Internet media is so big, who had black, who is black, has a clear logic chain of reward. But netease seems to ignore the chain. Also is one of the important nodes, users announced $user may have stared at the customer, like acrobatics is the crucial moment of the customs clearance, which is the most fragile moment. The predecessors had to use an “teacher younger brother younger brother, I have refined into alkaloids in work work work” we have to point out the obvious. Can’t say that, the somebody else announced $I didn’t get you, you don’t make me now. But the truth is, netease pr team has clearly made a pattern Tucson broken error.

the key issue is more, if netease news client actively, this product is where his swimmer? Youdao friend said, a lot of ah, user experience, product design, and so on. This old na only two words, donor halted. Say not afraid have sinned against a big team, now with a mobile application of associated products is one of the top managers. But sincerely said, it’s a little bit.

ask a simple question, what do you think of the current on the client product, netease and tencent, sohu and other than on functional experience really beyond what? I believe that this is really hard to say. Which itself is hard to say things, of course, also be hard to spread.

so, for netease news client, what’s the advantage of easy to speak? It is the public praise of the content. Don’t believe you can do a typical local investigation, friends in the media with netease did a lot, even more the other two. Netease did its attitude about from PC end extends to the client, and a little more. His success in fact needless to say, you only need to look at sohu in the original program is how to simply imitate the netease will know. As for how to be innovated the subduction here? Since the media three big word I believe netease should be recognized the way the friends, old na can only help you to this.

to summarise, remember that the Internet jokes are compared netease to mount heng, describe its routines. Na’m not judgement. But feel that there is an argument should be fair, namely : PC the Internet age, netease heel stick culture with its popularity, as well as a variety of bold attitude topic, indeed in the media field of its own. So in a lot of people the impression that netease even if make a theme, we also will guess netease must still hiding something in one place. It can be referred to as “for the wicked smart. But today, from netease to a series of actions, it seems, seemingly only wither, bad but don’t know where he has to run.

(solemnly declare, not old na in seeking arrangement.