Netease cloud music can bring a ticket for the mobile Internet to ding?

a netease website department internal E-mail revealed netease on the importance of this product. This February 22 mail letter said, according to CEO ding instructions, netease website department staff must download music and mobile phone number registered netease cloud, you must set up the person’s image, and on February 25 to download at least 600 songs.

although some netease staff made some feeble objection to this practice, but tencent technology understands, so far, netease most employees had finished the download songs of extra work. Some more staff, according to the mandatory use of offensive, but found that after using netease cloud music experience is better than similar products currently on the market.

tencent technology understands, netease cloud music was the result of netease hangzhou institute, by the former netease entertainment channel editor wang lei as project director, wang lei had earlier planning chief Beijing concert, helan mountain rock festival large performances, such as planning or supervise the manufacture of zhao wei, shui mu nian hua, li jian, the record of tan weiwei, Rain, and so on a number of artists. To reflect the importance the project, netease CEO ding is personally interfere with the progress of the project. At netease have insiders said, in addition to the game, ding directly ask project are rare, and netease cloud music is one of the most recent ding to ask project, working in Beijing for many years of wang lei has been transferred to hangzhou now work for a long time.

with the similar products on the market the difference is that netease cloud music playlist, DJ show, social, geographical location as the core elements of the main findings and share. In other words, this is a head of mobile Internet, on grounds of music social products.

tell tencent, are familiar with the netease science and technology, ding vice-governor netease cloud music there are three main purpose: the first is some rivals have got tickets for the mobile Internet, others a foot has stepped into the mobile Internet, and netease is in addition to the game as the mainstay, not as in the field of mobile Internet, and netease cloud music by the idea of mobile social applications are derived from the music got ding identity; The second is throughout netease’s current product line, in addition to netease cloud music other products do not have further potential; The third is the project director wang lei in the entertainment industry has a wide range of contacts and resources, ding recognition.

there are rumors of ding I have music, like the music in addition to his will to employees to have some less popular music, mobile phone also download services, MOG, Rdio and other kinds of music.

in the digital music in the red sea market, netease launched in January 24, the catch the late collection of music product, what comes out of the music of ding complex, or seize this market still to be the value of mining, maybe it’s not a single reason can explain. But from this product can detect the thinking characteristics of netease deployment of mobile terminal products.

home: the music derived mobile social

unlike traditional digital music products, netease cloud music provides users to find the way music, not on the album, singer or list for clues, but as a singer, DJ or user build playlists, and DJ show as the core.

in addition, the relationship between user chain is also found that music a clue. In addition to binding weibo, renren, douban, or cell phone contacts to import users relationship. Can also direct attention to new users interested in, such users find channels including the use of the geographical position understand surrounding the listening state to determine whether attention or interaction.

netease music on the PC end product layout is not late. It have done earlier than baidu MP3 search function, but also bought early music copyright, do the netease IDJ music interactive sharing platform, etc. But over the past few years, netease is get up early catch the late set, in this area always beside the point.

but the mobile Internet to netease brings new inspiration. Have been summed up now do well mobile products, including sets, WeChat, Foursquare, and so on, all from the perspective of mobile, not the inherent thinking on PC. Netease to make music products, no matter from the morphology of the product or feature set, mobile Internet users against

netease can cloud music with such qualities to success? In fact, from the current product profile and user activity, also cannot judge conclusion is given.

first, song single is not a music product function innovation point, DJ show from the current form is very traditional. Even so-called cloud music, but I did not build complete form of PC products, also failed to reflect the meaning of “cloud”. Though more quality of user interface design, the specific product level some of the logical relationship and slightly chaotic, occasionally let users get lost.

if netease cloud music removed some old patterns, such as to get rid of the singer and the album show form, but the UGC playlists itself still belongs to the traditional form of digital music products. In music industry of shrimp, for example, users of the UGC ability is not weak. If the dried shrimp music mobile client make a little improvement, netease cloud music is difficult to have absolute advantage in the aspect. In addition, users build playlists itself is a high threshold behavior, whether it is true that suitable for mobile terminal is still questionable.

in the end, netease can open up market space, in addition to using celebrity resources advantage, still need in SNS. On the one hand, including the relationship between acquaintances, here it is more important between strangers music function. Music critics Chen Xianjiang told tencent technology, assuming netease cloud music’s goal is to make music edition stranger stranger, is worth looking forward to the direction of the.

as previously mentioned, the reason why ding value netease cloud music, also is thus derived the direction of social mobility. Not only suitable for the mobile end level for innovation, but also because haven’t appeared the real leader in the field.

netease mobile route: differentiation of latecomers

in netease on the layout of the mobile Internet, in addition to start early, a leading netease news client, then the “cloud” series of products, including netease, youdao cloud cloud reading notes, netease cloud photo albums can be considered the market such as broken, but the others. Trying to market has distribution channels as the netease application center also started too late.

in the end, the problem is in front of netease, how to grab the coma products market?

contrast found that netease strategy is adopted by the functional differentiation after exclusion of traditional thinking. Such as reading, netease cloud will subscribe and e-book reading into a product; Youdao cloud notes main hand function and incremental synchronization characteristics; Netease application centre with the social recommendations to help users find application.

today, netease cloud music need to use differentiation to digital music market.

as early as the product launch, digital music field observer a hedge the tencent technology has issued, some of the highlights of netease cloud music function extremely has the sincerity, but of course, still can be a semi-finished products.

from the point of social function, the current can only import from other social products first social relations, to establish social based on music. How to help the user to obtain real through music by the value of social relations, in addition to functions based on geographic location, still need to try more.

although ding have long said that good business is on the phone. But so far, the mobile terminal layout, netease hasn’t show they have really made a good business.

netease cloud concert seize the chance? Maybe, sometimes, missing is not innovation, but the execution.

source: tencent technology Lois