Net exposure love mall is dissolved, haier Argos marriage less than in March, its electricity failure

hunting cloud network news (editor: JiPeng)

well-known electrical business people Gong Wenxiang fact, positioning general merchandise retail, wholesale, group purchase one-stop service e-commerce sites love from mall is dissolved. Love from mall is set up by haier with British retailers Argos, only launched in December last year, operating less than three months ago.

“a netizen has the first largest retailer in the UK is also called Britain’s most successful electricity Argos, investing in China website love mall (joint venture with haier), announced the abolition of the meeting this afternoon, and operation and properly handle the aftermath.” Gong Wenxiang said.

in September, 2010, haier with the British home retail group Argos joint launched household shopping platform – day happy home. After two years of cooperation with haier and fumble, the official opening of Argos started its own brand. In December last year, haier and Argos joint established brand of e-commerce sites of Argos “love from mall” is launched.

notable is, the love of mall operating for months alone announced the collapse, reportedly because Britain is dare not do “laowai”. Falling fast, can be called a electricity failure.

as of the time, love mall ( access to normal.