Mr Wang retort copied question: jobs as guide to innovation

the author: jian-ping lei

China’s group-buying industry, ebb tide in gaopeng, shake handshandle forays, dark horse role Meituan success, selling 5.55 billion, 2012, buys the first position. American CEO Mr Wang is also more ambitious, at the beginning of this internal meeting set ambitious goals: sales target of 100 billion and 2015.

the regiment was the third time that Mr Wang, from the campus to, and then to America, Mr Wang has become a domestic famous serial entrepreneurs, especially the mass of entrepreneurial success, not only make xing-cheng wang group-buying industry bosses, also let its status in the Internet jianghu a rising tide lifts all boats. Mr Wang, however, success is always be copied, Mr Wang no entrepreneurship is not copied from the foreign advanced mode at a time.

360 chairman zhou was not named group of Mr Wang, said the domestic famous entrepreneurs, is good at copying programs in the United States, the United States out of a he copied one. Chinese entrepreneurs should consider more combining the reality of China, rather than every day to see the United States, or to encourage innovative Internet companies in China.

Mr Wang yesterday for a “boss town” activity again copy. In response, Mr Wang retort that innovation the word itself is not a concept in China, the word is probably in the 19th century inovation translated into Japanese, Japanese to Chinese. Everyone said that China’s lack of original innovation, all day but if entrepreneurs do well is a piece of abuse.

“innovation with the variation of the same nature, most of the failure, so entrepreneurs want to innovation, society must be encouraged to fail, to tolerate failure, the world needs more truly accept or encourage innovation soil, rather than encouraging success.”

Mr Wang said that the success of the iPhone is not entirely innovation. Multi-touch technology was invented at the university of Delaware, this technology allows the hand can knock keys anywhere, to do all kinds of gestures, apple’s acquisition of the technology, integrated into the iPhone, to detonate the smartphone market. “This kind of feeling may need to be very sharp, need a lot of failures and try to add some luck to be successful.”

the path of entrepreneurship and the tsinghua inseparable

from another point of view, although has been accused of copying foreign successful mode unceasingly, from the campus to, and then to America, Mr Wang has been often war often hurt often war again, spirit worth agree, Mr Wang entrepreneurship genes come from?

this, Mr Wang to unravel, Mr Wang said he was curious about the unknown, on the one hand, is a family. Mr Wang’s father made many attempts to improve the life after reform and opening up. On the other hand, more directly from the books, the influence of the school.

the tsinghua university library reading old pavilion is Mr Wang often place while reading. Mr Wang said oneself to tsinghua university library reading on the old house is not for self-study, is to see all kinds of books and magazines.

tsinghua university library reading old pavilion have Mr Wang a lot to memories of the past. Mr Wang said, tsinghua university library reading old pavilion environment is particularly good, especially the construction of of primitive simplicity, that often come here to see all kinds of magazines and books, go to the seat at the end of the day. Come here after learning movement, the evening will run here, or play, will be here also do barbell pushing or horizontal bar.

is in the tsinghua campus, Mr Wang got to know many students, including business friends later, Mr Wang home business is also around in tsinghua. Mr Wang said that the road of your own business and tsinghua completely inseparable.

by more than thirty percent of business is done through the mobile end

now, the group has reached a stage, are one hundred billion goals in 2015. Wang Xingceng will target decomposition, says Meituan goal is to achieve 18.8 billion, 2013, back in 2014 and 2015, an average of only 140% a year, which is 2.4 times per year, to 2015 can be successfully completed one hundred billion goals.

Mr Wang said that the process, as long as the group to make no mistake, as long as the products more deeply, more rich, product selection can always guarantee the high quality, low price, guarantee the convenience, it will be able to accomplish this goal. Because consumer demand is so strong, but marketers demand is so strong, and there is reason to very rapid development.

in the activity “boss town”, Mr Wang again asked about how to achieve the goal of selling 100 billion. In response, Mr Wang has not much talked about, saying only that the best way to predict the future is not to talk about it, now mobile phone is a hundreds of millions of the size of the market. Currently a lot of people are using WeChat, WeChat has largely instead of SMS, MMS, even QQ.

for Meituan, mobile Internet is also a huge opportunity, now Meituan net more than one-third of trading is done directly on the phone. In 2013, the Internet of things and sensor will have great development, it also means that there are a lot of exciting things waiting for Meituan. Gross profit margin is lower than 10%, despite the group-buying industry survive group-buying huge value.

Mr Wang said, see a lot of listed companies and delisting, so listing is not the end. In 98, is the first year of China commodity e-commerce services, but group was started in 2010, probably late for 12 years, e-commerce service industry has just begun, Meituan is just one small part of it.

“we didn’t say we are not listed, we just said there was no attempt to listed within a year and a half. This feeling more strongly than they were two years ago, I want to do a good company needs a long time. When you can’t do business well, make customer service good, even if you listed to do.”