Mr Ma’s most valuable five-step chess before stepping down

there are a lot of news reported recently alibaba will choose to list in Hong Kong before this year, is up to more than $7000 in value. If this news is true, then alibaba will be creating a Hong Kong IPO in exchange for the second time record. In addition, it also will be the most valuable Internet domestic listed company, once beyond baidu and tencent, dominates the domestic Internet leader first.

however, when we are talking about alibaba recently listed in Hong Kong this hot topic, also has to be filed again already before the outgoing CEO jack ma, alibaba group. Some people say that his departure is not only behind the investor to the enterprise is not responsible for, also is not responsible for the integration of Internet and the user.

however, when we say that these, have a good count ma what do the preparation work before stepping down, below the boiling point of China Yang yong ma under review of the most valuable before stepping down five positions.

taobao mall renamed day cat

on January 11, 2012, alibaba group’s taobao mall today officially changed its name to day cat, completely from taobao brand, USES the independent brand developing online retail market. Day cat (formerly taobao mall) President zhang denied renamed to “taobao”, he also denied that the move related to the listing plan. “Tmall” on the one hand, he said, is the domain name of Tmall, on the other hand, taobao mall originates from taobao, but need on product brand positioning and segmentation, avoiding consumer confusion, also is the group’s strategic decision.

alibaba privatisation

alibaba group and alibaba network co., LTD., announced in February 21, alibaba group to its Hong Kong shares the board of directors of the listed company alibaba network co., LTD., put forward an offer. With alibaba network co., LTD., delisting, ali group, the only company terminate the listing status of listed companies, alibaba group and its concerted action person will hold this for all the shares of listed companies.

buy yahoo ali equity held by the

on May 21, 2012 morning news, alibaba group and yahoo today announced that the two sides have signed the final agreement about the share buyback. Alibaba group will use its $6.3 billion cash and no more than $800 million of new preferred shares, ali group buy yahoo hold half of the ali group, namely, alibaba group, 20% of the equity.

Ali group restructuring

on July 23, 2012, alibaba announced that adjust the taobao, a tao, Tmall, bargain, international business, small business and ali ali ali cloud seven big business group, and group of CBBS (consumers, distributors, manufacturers, service providers) e-commerce market cluster, accelerate push OneCompany goal, speed up the integration of e-commerce business ecosystem.

buy sina weibo

the evening of April 29, 2013, sina announced that alibaba through its wholly owned subsidiary, to $586 million purchase of sina company preferred stock and common stock issued, dilution of weibo company around diluted about 18% of the total equity. A option, in addition, sina was awarded to alibaba allows alibaba according to predetermined pricing methods in the future, the fully diluted in weibo company diluted share up to 30%.

although the above four positions are under ma departure before, but careful detail each chess meaning.

the first step to change its name: the surface is to enhance the brand image, but the essence is to taobao from C2C B2C transformation. After all, C2C gains do not B2C is high, and the latter controlled, to purify the electricity environment, further enhance the market value of the integration of the group.

SiHua chess

the second step: and the third step repurchase chess are to win, alibaba since gave yahoo’s 40% stake, development is more and more have been hampered, many strategy cannot be implemented, the development has been in a passive situation. And to buy back yahoo’s stake, the purpose is to group space more sexually bigger, stronger.

reorganization is the fourth step: from a small company to alibaba group already has several 20 subsidiaries, if want to complete e-commerce empire, ali had to adapt to the current industry development change, timely adjust their market business and organizational structure, the purpose is to visit group before the platform development more flexible.

the fifth move: though alibaba’s platform is numerous, but lacking the user interactivity. Current, aided by the Internet in the mobile client development direction more and differentiation, and social networks are one of the most active platform in micro era. Ali acquisition of sina weibo just can make up for the shortage, get more traffic and user viscosity.

the above five steps, though not in a period, but if put it together, its meaning is more obvious, so was not but who is not responsible for ma, before it was because of his departure after him to be done is done and how to get at least after the electricity business empire or want to make the next CEO, will this huge project is to many of the runner to complete.


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