Mr. Ma’s entrepreneurial three times

jack ma said in 2012, is the second venture of ali group, but looking back to history of alibaba, this is the third time ali group business.

the first time it was in 1999. On February 21, 1999, jack ma in lake garden residence for another 17 people said: “now everyone leave a little for the meal, the rest of the down.” The results raised $60000, alibaba and start the project, the business in addition to the continuation of era of yellow pages for Chinese companies to do the website, mainly is to let foreigners find Chinese companies through the Internet, to do business with Chinese companies.

in 2007, alibaba is listed in Hong Kong, the market value of nearly 200 billion Hong Kong dollars, at the time of the exchange rate of about $26 billion, successfully raise about $1.5 billion, as the world’s largest e-commerce company.

is the second undertaking in 2007, this year, the global financial crisis followed, alibaba business affected. In addition, search engine, network marketing more and more mainstream, B2B business is in danger of marginalized.

value of alibaba has transcended by baidu, tencent, the outside world to question the alibaba. But didn’t pay attention, ali group’s pay treasure, taobao has grown into a monster, formation of ali in the new world.

alibaba B2B business listing, ali group will raise quite a few of the $1.5 billion to pay treasure, taobao. Mr Ma is described, in alibaba, alibaba is big brother, taobao, pay treasure is the younger brother younger sister, alibaba support siblings grew up, will feedback on alibaba. This is the second time alibaba early to start a business.

this goal has been partial implementation, data from the ali group, in 2012, taobao turnover reached 1 trillion yuan, pay treasure to average daily turnover reached 6 billion yuan, the average daily turnover peak above 20 billion yuan.

and, more importantly, taobao and split the business be broken up into ali group, become ali group, one of the main body of whole appears on the market.

is ali group was founded in 2012 for the third time entrepreneurship: ali group started preparations for the overall listing, ali group become the eldest brother, support small new sister in law, finance, the two little sisters are respectively ali ali smart logistics. Alibaba third startup “the super electricity”, is the purpose of providing a broader market hinterland.

from: the 21st century economic report