Mr Luo spirit of craftsmen

the author: JiYongQing

3 on and on Tuesday night, Mr Luo station at Beijing national convention center stage, give full play to the new Oriental teacher good eloquence, talked about the reel 3 hours, introduced his upcoming Smartisan OS is . This was going to phone released late last year UI system (I tend to think that it is a based on android UI system rather than the real operating system) will be this year 6 on 15 day release, support to HTC ONE X , meizu MX2 , millet mobile phone, samsung the GALAXY and other high-end smartphones. And hammer mobile phone will be released early next year, Mr. Luo claimed to be a closed system, then the Smartisan OS is will support only hammer mobile phones.

conference has just ended, and I will see a lot of media to Mr. Luo cynicism, that old cow blow is too big, now Smartisan OS is is a fake apple, Path companies such as creative, destined to not succeed. It’s no wonder that the couple would inevitably contempt by the old man, plus the newcomer again so crazy, said his only admire jobs while others are silly force.

however, the three hours I would listen to with relish, not because of Mr. Luo’s eloquence, but because he demonstrated a lot of features, is really with the heart. A few more impressive example:

first, old question, why is the screen of a smart phone to put , 16 an icon? Why do most of the android smartphone icon to learn iPhone to make the rounded square? The spirit of the old cell phone screen into a more spacious scratchable latex mode, he thinks that large ICONS look more beautiful. Then he thought of the existing android App ICONS are particularly ugly, and redesigned the 1000 most popular App icon, make them look more beautiful.

second, old think including Siri speech interaction system, are all in the pack to force, because they are able to solve the problem of speech recognition, but cannot solve the problem of artificial intelligence, at the end of the day people have become used to boredom toys, but not solve practical problems. Old want to come out of solution is voice interaction focuses on commonly used 6 scene, contacts, applications, music, alarm clock, maps and web search, and give full consideration to use. Smartisan OS is mobile phones will call people like this: as long as in the ear will automatically trigger the speech recognition, and then as long as the user to read out the contact name can call directly to the people, and the Siri requires the user to say “call XXX” dial, so in a public place will be embarrassing.

the third impressed me is the phone unlocked. Mr. Luo mentioned all smart phones are sliding unlock, or too much trouble, actually can be done to pull out your phone will automatically unlock after, but if you do the users against and will feel boring. Therefore, the effect of his design is take out mobile phone after, automatically on the screen to simulate the sliding unlock process and unlock, to meet the user’s sense of achievement, but don’t need them to start work again. He further note again Meaning to us a lot of time to unlock the phone actually just want to look at the time, and further to design plan: if user press Home button will only display the time and won’t unlock, after a few seconds automatically shut off the screen; According to the power button is automatically simulate sliding unlock.

4, Mr. Luo mentioned android default font is too bad, he think apple HuaWenXi black font is very beautiful, but in the android phone will appear a little light, also not the best fonts. He hopes to be able to find more beautiful fonts and buy it to Smartisan OS is inside.

of course, the conference also demonstrates various other dazzling new features, a total of 75 items. Mr. Luo said in a speech, singing, between the many peers are damaged. On the face of it, it’s easy to do he said as a much less entertainment stars, and underestimate his strength. However, at the time of conference is about to fizzle, old put picture: a craftsman sitting at a desk, grinding to the objects carefully. He said he really appreciate and admire the craftsman, and think Chinese history is a lack of respect for the craftsmen. Hear here, my admiration for Mr. Luo of love is like a river endless, Mr. Luo is indeed serious, ever in zhongguancun modify hardware while he sounded loss point, but things to do meticulous.

I also use a lot of android mobile phone, to tell you the truth many UI system really do very bad, I’m afraid I really spirit has a lot to do with Mr. Luo said craftsmen. For most of the domestic mobile phone manufacturers, they actually don’t need to also can’t figure out how advanced technology; , but they need absolute this spirit of craftsmen, put every detail to do earnestly.

the end of the conference, is already at 11 some more. On the drive home I bought a same to attend the conference of the elder brothers, he is to architectural design, usually prefer to play mobile phone, and we can get free tickets is different, most of the media he’s spent 500 yuan from a scalper buy 230 yuan tickets. I asked how he felt, he nodded, said Mr. Luo did a good job. He took out his mobile phone, lock screen design should be tickets to cover the conference.


Mr. Luo, I hope you will carry on to the end, a competition to just know configuration and the price of China mobile phone industry brings a new breath.

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