Mr. Li: three mountain down not good for entrepreneurs

the author: lotte

on March 31, with the development of the Internet, tencent, baidu, alibaba has become the big three, the Internet also encounter questions. , baidu CEO robin li said that the companies do their way to try to do big contradiction and the ecological environment, in fact the two are unified.

“in the whole process of company growth, baidu, tencent and alibaba, in the end we all become a similar platform. Attached with many enterprises from up here, everyone’s relationship is a win-win.” Li said, “if in Chinese Internet enterprise ecosystem people live is not good, we will live is very poor, people live very well, we don’t live with poor.”

li pointed out that this truth everyone understand. The old have such question, what three mountain, entrepreneurs don’t have the opportunity, because of China’s Internet real innovation is not yet. Many entrepreneurs or in imitation, the United States have a new idea, China to imitate. So the probability of success is slim. Innovation in the United States, most of the time, like Facebook, Google is despises eye.

“we are now a lot of entrepreneurs, the United States has a something, what are we going to do a thing, don’t let know tencent, tencent know, tencent will do. It is of no value, it has no positive effect on the ecological environment.” For companies like baidu, robin li notes, very wants to see a lot of innovation can be up and up and platform naturally will be more prosperous.

“ma think his age is bigger, in fact we age are not small, we would like to see 80, 90, after the things they do really accepted by the market.” Li pointed out that China’s 500 million Internet users, smart phones will have more, 7, 800 million. China’s market may make hundreds of millions of users to use shorter time of products and services. “In the future Internet opportunity many, don’t stare at these companies every day why don’t you, we fall down is not good to be with you.”

source: tencent technology