Mr. Li: app store exists fundamental flaw Baidu will push light application open platform

on the 2013 baidu world conference held today, baidu CEO robin li said the app store model there is a fundamental flaw, baidu will use the new application distribution platform to solve this problem.

li said at the scene, under the mode of traditional application store, 99.9% of the long tail application only accounted for 30% of the downloads, nearly 70% of downloads still occupied for the application of the better known. For start-up developer, because is affected by factors such as awareness, promote cost, get the user cost is extremely high.

in this case, baidu will provide a new solution for developers and users.

look at baidu first advantage: demand based on mobile search, baidu mobile search volume is nearly 16 times since 2010, at present, the mobile phone baidu active users has reached 130 million. In addition, in the mobile distribution, baidu has become the country’s largest Native App distribution platform, the daily average distribution of the amount of up to 69 million times.

ming-yuan li site baidu vice President, said the application of the intelligent distribution platform – light of new open platform (

ming-yuan li said, light applications have no download search box, egg retrieval intelligence distribution, powerful new experience and precipitation users subscribe to push these four big advantage.

at the scene, a taxi ming-yuan li use applications, monster university as an example to demonstrate the use of light application experience. According to him, have comparable to or even beyond the Native App user experience, and has the Web App can be retrieved and intelligent distribution features, applications and mobile users can butt quality demand docking problem.

in the near future, there will be a batch application log in to the latest version of the mobile phone in the baidu, the future will be further expanded to the housing, tourism, automobile, transportation, financial services, food, and information media, etc.

for developers, baidu will be sent to you by mobile advertising, such as the forward charge to implement business cash, which divided into with developers, and provide whole process support.