Mr Lau character night way 】 【 revealing tencent mobile report card

NO. 4 this writing: Wang Shuang

WeChat now became a synonym for tencent’s mobile Internet strategy successfully, besides WeChat, tencent’s other mobile layout is going? Tencent President composed in accepting the chongqing commercial daily seem a bit “crow”, revealing the transcript:

about tencent’s performance under the tide of tencent in the mobile Internet, Mr Lau said, day active number of users at home in the top 20 non game application, tencent account for 7.5. In addition to the mobile phone QQ, WeChat stewards, Qzone, security, mobile phone browser, tencent news, QQ music these seven applications, wedded to the sohu’s sogou half an.

the local tyrants, are Internet circle super local tyrants! Must have other Internet companies, in addition to envy jealous of hate, no other expression,

local tyrants tencent far more than one! Now le networks more and more local tyrants fan. September 30, has been suspended for a month of networks announced, will be in 1.598 billion yuan saw the flowers film and music’s new media culture. On October 8, opening, miniaturization: three days in a row, harden. On October 11, the reorganization with the media questioning miniaturization: a draft exist many errors, the miniaturization: temporary suspension. Two days later, on October 13, le networks announcement, the company through the check list of 11 errors were modified.

miniaturization: this thing all feel suspicious, so insider said to swirl, the vice chairman and COO liu hong le miniaturization: in an interview with Beijing news on October 11, responded:

in the asset injection trading, large shareholders in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations and regulatory requirements, committed to the equity of the capital subscribed lock 36 months, the rules and commitments made big shareholders bear the risk of future price movements. At the same time, in accordance with the relevant securities laws and regulations, major shareholders of listed companies equity trading interval shall be 6 months, and the new media companies, major shareholders inject Letv is actually an act to increase. Letv shareholders in new media in three years and there is no way to profit by the so-called “insider trading”.

ah, only the local tyrants and goddess together.

liu said that up, you still have what idea these people? Anyway, you people are not sure valuations miniaturization: why is so high. Said, I have to take out the evidence. However, hunting cloud network welcome news clue…

the news is all media seek clues, not tang provides clues to the news to everyone. The original Microsoft really could free XBOX in China, but the by softbank, Microsoft, shanda joint make things, but was turned down by the tang.


I clearly remember son had invited me to his office located in Tokyo “villa” in the scene, you eat the “villa” took the Japanese garden style, the courtyard landscape water, flowers, make such high-level office garden, also only son want to come out, I’m afraid. The meeting, Mr. Son has come up with a very bold vision, financed by Japan’s softbank, the United States provide hardware XBOX (home game console), China grand game and operations, in China free XBOX, full access to the Chinese game industry, including cooperation and huge capital at the same time.

and to realize this idea, I and son went with Microsoft, Bill Gates, masayoshi son three people in the gates of the office and I assume it planning and discuss… This is my best memories a business. But in the end the idea because of my opposition (my understanding of the Chinese market and consumer spending habits), did not go ahead. It now appears that this is a right decision, I’ve done successfully avoids the grand, softbank and Microsoft losses caused thereby.

don always ah, you this is really a wise decision? Now, under the tide of software and hardware combined with hardware is lower and lower price, it has been a company is offering free hardware, if that year, shanda is working with Microsoft, perhaps a coppi, shanda empire brilliant still? Well, if not in this world. If don not read what the university, and still is still scenery, rather than take the memories brush to sense the gates.