Mr. Ballmer said Microsoft did not intend to make mobile phones Nokia said: liar! I don’t believe it!


Steve ballmer publicly announced that Microsoft will not be able to launch its own brand WP 8 phone system. But nokia apparently don’t believe that. As the largest mobile phone maker Microsoft system, nokia last week submitted to the SEC document publicly expressed his concern about Microsoft:

“we will face growing competition other producers, including Microsoft. Microsoft has already in production or may produce Windows Phone phone to compete with us.”

in the document, nokia also admitted that Microsoft were selected as the only partner for nokia missed other competitive options, nokia has been broken posterior:

“choose Windows Phone as a major smartphone platforms, we (nokia) might lose more faster and better capture the smartphone market. If and Microsoft’s partnership with the benefits of short of expectations, we have no way to switch to other platforms in the short term, or even hopeless switch to other platforms.”

with the development of cooperation process, nokia is not want money, instead they owe money to Microsoft’s. Microsoft has paid nokia 10 $for nokia to put all your eggs in one basket bets Windows Phone . Nokia is licensing fee to pay Microsoft system. Go down for a long time, as the mobile phone shipments to ascend, licensing fee more and more. Nokia said, but in the end it may owe Microsoft 6.51 $.

use a common language in the game: don’t take god the same opponents, afraid of pigs as teammates. To choose a good teammate to win the battle……