Movie resources administrator in the eyes of anti-piracy: closed or how to do



is being called the largest in domestic piracy hd portal mentality was seized by the police, has provoked a lot of pirated site put up the shutters.The

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recently, billed as the largest piracy hd portal net was seized by the police, and cause a lot of domestic piracy websites are closed to the shelter. The authors of this article is a webmaster, his website has also experienced a dispute of intellectual property rights, in his view, piracy is a good thing, but the methods and strategies is very important.

knot, cheng XTM founder Group, film and television entertainment integrated community

at the beginning XTM is going to do, now think of funny, the first is to watch others pressure, and then the main title have to suppress information, feel very cool, then himself trying to suppress, finally will have taken to site together with friends.

do stand a lot of difficulties, it is main or money problems, want to be popular resources quickly and well, have to spend money on resources quickly, and then the original at that time, the pursuit of quality, buy TV series are very thick version of the box, a show to 100 pieces, each moon disc will spend several thousand dollars, although very popular, download a person also pretty much, but the money and advertisers to also can only say that they barely balance, to finally got we found there are many website again released film combined with their own watermark publishing again, feel very uncomfortable, but powerless, and for a time release films also often receive the film and television company lawyer letter, also a little copyright concerns, probably for nearly three years, passion disappear, also won’t do.

as for piracy and anti-piracy, word and the state, while the priest climbs a post, the devil climbs, while the priest climbs a post, and can only say that the anti-piracy do a comprehensive amount of piracy will always be there. This is catch up in China, the gateway, don’t mesh will only turn to more internal concealed direction to develop. As BT @ China, to help the site shut down after the download, you can still have a new batch of download tools, play will be popular.

a lot better than the copyright consciousness relative to the domestic abroad, such as Japan, introduced a special law to combat candid movie piracy, etc. There are rules, if in the cinema without permission and candid films are projected, will be subject to punishment shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than 10 years. So it is really less of piracy, is worth us learning, but still can’t stop.

piracy this piece, can only say that water is deep, after all is not fair, originally we do this too often received subpoenas, film and television company. Movie released a few years ago, when we are old or is already in a publisher released later, and now there are a lot of film and television, is without a public offering before leak pirated, before sowing is the hd version of the so-called gun edition run the market, but also no one to check, I think this is the greatest harm to who owns the intellectual property rights, and this should be the focus of anti-piracy.

and closed to the idea. Idea is to make money, web advertising is on the one hand, thinking they sell tens of thousands of an advertisement. Sell the hard drives and other hardware and account is also an important channel of making money. Some people think that, just give him added profit “” borrow piracy charges, the stick, in the” world intellectual copyright protection day “today, to be put in fact it is not difficult to understand.

every country have so one or two sword net action, but as stated earlier, many web sites into the ground, made after a period of time is the same, how how, and a lot of standing have moved abroad. Although the many station, chose the temporarily closed to avoid the shelter head, but should be nothing special. Piracy is a good thing, but should pay attention to methods and strategies.

as for my own web site, have almost closed, or his family is more important, film and television, online to see actually pretty good also, it is not necessary to make what to download.

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