Move the MM cloud development platform to push the development of new novel template, spoiler literature market

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

China mobile MM cloud development platform application development recently overhauled its novel template, this year is the 6 month automatically for billing to launch the user after a major update again.

MM cloud development platform is China mobile launched the free online APP production platform, the user without any technology development background, can be completed APP , at the same time support copyrighted content billing application. Platform to copyright content providers and content creators, provide the production and application of billing one-stop service, help the realization of the mobile Internet transfer and cash market.
the new novel developed template interface and function on the application of the novel is an important optimization and improvement, interface more bright vitality; Added “small make up recommend” to the marketing related applications, at the same time “bookmarks” “search”, “progress” theme “ reinforcement to make a better reading experience is preferred.

MM cloud development platform product manager LanYin explained: copyright content providers had been obsessed with the development of the reader, to its all packaged applications, to the market. The market is actually normal distribution or the long tail, single novel applications have its requirements, it is to fill the fragmentation of the poles market, and compared with reader mode, without promoting, with only natural accumulation, also can obtain stable downloads and income. “

MM cloud development platform is China mobile was determined with mobile Internet value-added at first it puts forward the concept of platform under the mobile developer community, mainly around the mobile MM application market construction. But it has not always given after extensive attention. Since this year, the platform has completed many important updates, perhaps in the future 4 g network, mobile believe MM application market big market potential of the ecosystem.

for mobile confidence, copyright content providers indeed can explore in this direction. In terms of single novel application, if the platform for enterprise development mass produced + batch release, reduce the manpower and time cost of enterprises, developing the reader believe even have, also won’t ignore this market cracks.