MOTOROLA’s confirmation will be released on November 13th, Moto G

after have been frequent media exposure of the finally obtained the official confirmation message. It is reported that yesterday MOTOROLA for a new generation of mobile phones, and revealed that the device will be released on November 13.

however, the above site in addition to an animation with a watch live registered window, did not reveal more details about Moto G. From the animation in the centre of the site is open, a spinning of the earth’s landscape is always appear a big M logo. Analysts believe that which seems to indicate that MOTOROLA wants to conquer the world with its products of ambition. After some media reported that Moto G will serve as a cheap version of the Moto X more countries outside North America.

in addition, it is said that Moto G model sells for $215.

according to the current media exposure, according to Moto G may configuration is as follows:

4.5 inch screen, 720 p resolution;

1.2 Ghz qualcomm quad-core processors;

1 gbram, 8/16 gb storage space;

5 million pixels main camera, 1.3 million front-facing camera;

with Android 4.3 system;

support bluetooth 4.0.