MOTOROLA China staff think: motorcycle prostitution Google is a big mistake

this invincible hero, but face the end, sometimes can only secretly sigh. MOTOROLA, the mobile phone mobile , are now Google almost into a blind alley. are wrong when sanjay jia shouldn’t sell MOTOROLA to Google! an employee in the memories of MOTOROLA’s mobile phone development over the years to tencent technology such talk.

at the mercy of Google bones

at the beginning of this month, Google announced the MOTOROLA a New round of job cuts, the layoffs as 1200 people, accounting for the latter workforce 10%, job cuts will affect the United States, China and India. Last year, 4000 , layoffs for 20% .

MOTOROLA China relevant personage says, this is a continuation of the planned layoffs last summer. China, however, the number of specific, list, post, compensation scheme were not disclosed. The employee to tencent’s science and technology, said after seeing Google announced layoffs news, also did not have much surprised, now also have not received official notification layoffs.

according to, the MOTOROLA mobility in China including research and development, sales, technical and about 1000 people around. After the job cuts plan execution, the staff will keep 200 about jobs, mainly market, sales. Don’t have the idea that has not been MOTOROLA official confirmation. The staff also said that from announced job cuts to now, the staff are whispering, company has yet to send a formal notice, and the cuts not only involves the formal staff (with MOTOROLA signed contract), include to send the contract employees, and Fesco sign the contract).

Last year,

5 on and day Google completed the acquisition of MOTOROLA mobility, frequent patent barriers on Google android end with the umbrella, and its adjustment of MOTOROLA mobile cut the Gordian knot let a person feel some fickle betrayal. Only two months, Google announced a MOTOROLA will job cuts worldwide 4000 people, including the United States, in other parts of the layoffs two-thirds, and close the global 94 branch of .

in the area belong to hard-hit areas. Beijing, nanjing, tianjin, chengdu and Shanghai branch MOTOROLA has adjusted. In parts of the job cuts proportion reached 60% . Nanjing r&d center is closed, the local employees also pull up cross against Google illegal job cuts. MOTOROLA global keep only San Francisco, Chicago, and three research and development center in Beijing. Is leaving Beijing r&d center, but layoffs is also accounted for the total development of nearly half.

careful users, this time the layoffs don’t feel like to Google’s style, because it has never been such a massive layoffs. It has always been to employment not sacked is well known, but before it had never been to buy companies such as MOTOROLA.

by 2012 at the end of the year, MOTOROLA mobile number of employees for 11113 , this figure does not include the MOTOROLA home business employees. At the end of the job cuts, MOTOROLA mobile left Beijing day distance away.

of course for layoffs Google has its own reason, it has been claimed that cuts designed to cut the cost of MOTOROLA mobility. we have no competitive advantage in the market, is a loss. internal email, according to the high costs will affect the market operating profit even. But in fact, according to the third and fourth quarter MOTOROLA mobility losses last year has not improved, it is on the rise.

the mot mobile today, can only blame sanjay jia hadn’t sell MOTOROLA mobility to Google. After the takeover, MOTO haven’t had any decent products. when the employee is said. now, not the core technology, research and development institutions also have been closed, all mobile phone related accessories can only use other people’s, and industrial design also generally, greatly restricted the development of, MOTO is a contract now.

at the end of last year, Singapore contract ShangWei chuangli announced, would buy MOTOROLA tianjin factory, and take over the factory operations in Brazil, transaction is expected to 2013 in the first half to complete, this means of MOTOROLA’s mobile phone in the future will be full to a contract.

empty MOTOROLA mobility or be sold

layoffs, closure, transfer, after a series of adjustment of Google, MOTOROLA after slimming is nirvana reborn or borrow the high-quality goods strategy fading memory, will be an open question.

MOTOROLA after being acquired, in addition to patent cross-licensing, Google doesn’t seem to want to good MOTOROLA in Google map’s role and status, Google did not like the industry predicted given special support to MOTOROLA. Google has said will not favour MOTOROLA mobility, will be for all Android equipment manufacturers alike.

but thanks to the relationship between them, MOTOROLA mobility will still be able to get Google product priorities, such as the mobile version of desktop software. MOTOROLA mobility such as Renaissance success will alienation Google and other Android terminal vendor relations of cooperation. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull