MOTOROLA approved new logo – Moto G, represent a new intelligent device? !

according to foreign media reports, science and technology in the United States patent and trademark office (USPTO) approved a new logo – from MOTOROLA “Moto G”.

although it is still can’t understand the meaning of the trademark specifically refer to, but given the current has been sold in Moto X (smartphone), analysts said Moto G is likely to represent the other a mobile intelligent device. After media reports, Moto G is a smartphone accessories. There are also some people think that G on behalf of MOTOROLA’s parent company, Google, or to a Google version of the Moto X (but xiao yun think this speculation is not available, Google won’t obviously and grabbed one of their own business).

it is understood that the media reports the MOTOROLA is developing a tablet products.

according to Google results show that in the third quarter of this year, so far the MOTOROLA losses (acquisition) has totaled $600 million. It is reported, this loss last year rose 24% year-on-year. Xiao yun is a new product, sincerely hope that Moto G a can let MOTOROLA “recovery” equipment!