More than 70% of the bosses with apple samsung mobile phone

the author: wang cong Ji FKB

want to know what IT industry leaders are using mobile phone? “IT leaders summit held in shenzhen”, we have close observation SiWuShiWei IT enterprise leaders of handheld devices, and finally found that more than 70% of IT bosses, chose the samsung Galaxy Note 2 or apple iPhone 5, the frequency of two product almost flat. At the same time, most of the IT company ceos are chose to carry two cell phones.

the selection of Mr. Li and Mr. Ma is a samsung Galaxy Note 2, but in the use of habit, two people have some difference: li Note 2 without any cases, have been thrown on the table; Jack ma very cautious, have been using a valuable phone holster shade screens, is consumed by the scene photographed what secrets.

ma have two phones, one is the iPhone 5, and another is the Butterfly of HTC, which is ma with many IT bosses slightly difference.

in the tablet, the choice of bosses are unified, are almost, but very surprise, we did not see a few units at the scene the mini.

in addition to samsung and apple, the mobile phones might also include some of their own or their investment product, 2 is the highest frequency of millet, almost each of the stars of the investment community has a millet mobile phone. Of course, does not exclude the millet mobile phone is lei jun from friendship.

but in addition to apple and samsung, many IT company CEO also inevitably use their products in the camp, with chau electronic chairman Yuan Mingyong fly their own Phone, Kivu, chairman of Mr Zhang is the is the home screen mobile Phone. Of course, use your mobile phone is made in is a must, as for private if they prefer to use other brand mobile phone, it is unclear.

after investigation we found that bosses are the most common used consumer smartphone, and no special customized products. In capital and habits without problems, the samsung Galaxy Note 2 and apple iPhone 5 has become a common choice, IT also seems to reflect both products really fit the needs of the IT bosses and psychology.

source: sohu it