Mobile Internet era, baidu can rice?

the author: Li Ying atlas

mobile Internet era, baidu can rice?

to robin li, the question already has more than a year. Although the mobile Internet era has only just begun, everyone felt in testing the waters, but in the tiebreaker about future strategy for baidu’s requirement is different. Some say, baidu has entered the “historic turn the channel”.

baidu is brewing a new recruit. “voice will be one of the entry of the mobile Internet.” robin li of baidu voice projects with particular attention.

to search, input method, phonetic assistant as the core, the search baidu is trying to redefine the mobile era.

the semantic recognition, artificial intelligence, these are the new this year, baidu first institute “deep learning” the main research direction of the project, and the project is in the charge of Mr. Li personally.

send li has the temperament of elite, turtles technology, recent speech like emphasis on “how”.

this time, baidu can really powers, or at the coma?

voice search: from information to the service

“mobile need to redefine the search times.” Recently, with the baidu multimedia communication in yu head of department, only launched a year of voice search has 10% of the whole mobile search traffic.

the speech will be one of the entry of the mobile Internet?

in the face of the reporter’s question, yu emphasized that intelligent has been achieved in speech interaction, the cloud of the breakthrough, “today’s voice search different from traditional search pattern, not to feedback the results based on the several unrelated keywords, but can understand user instruction, complete with a complete task.”

although baidu mobile interconnection strategy widely, but in fact, mobile phone users still cannot leave a search. but, unlike the PC, mobile phone search on mostly from the browser to enter, after entering the search engine is baidu.

under the impact of the APP, has been has been known as a “no entry” baidu on the client side is growing rapidly. According to baidu, according to the data provided by the APP as a main application of mobile search baidu baidu users not only total $, but jumped 72 times in a year’s time.

now, voice function has been integrated in the baidu search the client. In the past year, voice search has 10% of the whole mobile search traffic.

user support for voice search, the growth of the real data, gave yu team more confidence.

in fact, the speech interactive technology has begun to mature, smart phone voice interaction provided by the application of the already very rich, voice search, speech input, voice navigation software, such as large voice social software applications has been more and more.

in the field of domestic Chinese speech interactive technology, capital of China mobile last year was the hkust xunfei has been in a leading position in the world. However, this trend is being enter baidu beyond, after through the depth (within DNN) using neural network technology has made the speech recognition error rate was reduced by 25%. Hkust xunfei chairman qing-feng liu stressed: “domestic forming continuous speech industry value chain.” But how will reflect the value?

the hkust xunfei technology sogou voice assistant also like apple’s Siri once by the user. But in addition to the first novel, how many iPhone users have been use Siri around to search for information? Voice assistant is still just a toy?

yu believes that apple development Siri is to sell more hardware, but the real voice search is focused on the “search out after” service.

a lot of APP can search out the information based on geographical location information, but how to make information service, allows users to call in the search results can be directly, direct orders, this is baidu is different from other people’s thinking, “the era of mobile search, baidu is not only to provide search results, but to complete the service.”

as a result, baidu will become a “distribution channel”, the new profit model also follow. Service, the service provider level down distribution, can let baidu excavated mobile search of the era of the new business model.

from providing information to provide services, baidu also faced with two problems at present. Yu said, one is, the recognition of semantics. “Voice search not just for the accurate determination of sound, also includes the understanding of semantics, this already intelligent man-machine dialogue.” Is that voice search is currently the bottleneck in the background of resource integration, namely the whole of the integration of the resources of the Internet.

actually very special demand for mobile search, user search restaurant at 9 a.m. and 12 noon to search for a restaurant, user status is different, how to according to different time, the users of different geographical position, shows the most relevant to the user consumption psychology of the search results, this is the era of voice search and mobile search one of the biggest challenges.

according to the different time, place, and even users fuzzy semantic understanding of the potential demand, and then combined with the Internet resource integration out as a result, and finish the final user want to service.

the era of mobile Internet search has become increasingly intelligent, baidu is to that direction.

“at present there are less than 50 individuals doing voice search project,” with the cast technology team talent in silicon valley, this seems not many people, “but most of the work is dependent on the baidu large search data and huge amounts of information that we need to do is to voice the semantic recognition breakthrough.”

although baidu also not like micro letter “mobile ticket” to the fire, but li continued emphasis on technology: “there are hundreds of millions of people every day in the search on your mobile phone now, everybody very tolerant of the outdated technology is very strong, this is any early industry are faced with the problem or have rule. Once we solve these problems, the industry will be a few times, more than a dozen times and even more magnified.”

for voice search, the Internet, a senior analyst Gavin has different views, he thinks, mobile phones, most of the search behavior is no longer present in traditional search form, but in some scenarios, with one application associated with public comment on looking for a restaurant, for instance using maps to find the way, find songs with music application. “Voice search is a function, this compared with a PC keyboard, importance of heaven and earth. This functionality, of course, you can’t lack, there is, is not how much competitive advantage, no, is bound to lead to competitive disadvantage.”

battle voice: baidu Google Microsoft challenge

although Mr. Li is not the future of voice search in baidu internal positioning clear answer, but baidu insiders revealed that the baidu input method do still better than baidu map, baidu’s focus is still focused on how to improve the quality of our search and let users really want access to the results above, the strategy is around the search for baidu.”

the core of baidu is always search, search + advertising in the PC era is, in the era of mobile Internet is likely to search + distribution channels.

not only baidu, Google, Microsoft, search the big three are already looking at prospective voice search.

in early march, Google search, head of the business in the United States, amit singhal, SXSW interactive conference, said the voice search will replace manual input search in the future. In the past few years, Google has been for mobile devices and web page the search to add a new natural language search technology. Currently Google computer version of the voice search has been launched, but the search language only in American English. This regard, baidu is the first step. According to yu stressed that voice search baidu has been able to identify different dialects.

Microsoft voice search on increasing at the same time. TechFest on the end of February, Microsoft Bing’s new voice search function is demonstrated. New Bing voice search on speech recognition more accurately and quickly, even in the noisy environment, still can be used to recognize quickly to the sounds of the entry. From the scene of the feedback, Bing voice search to identify speed has amounted to 0.43 seconds.

the new Bing voice, Microsoft’s chief technology strategy office Eric Rudder, Bing voice search on recognition rate greatly increased, each word error rate is only 12% – 12%. Bing’s Voice search will become a Windows Phone with iOS Siri, the Android Google Voice against the tool. But not only that, like baidu, Bing is far more than in Microsoft’s positioning is a search engine, in the future there will be more content into Bing.

and play against Google, Microsoft, with technology for li has clearly betting on baidu mastery of cutting-edge technology.

baidu’s dream: a net technical talent in silicon valley

in fact, the emergence of baidu’s voice and image products, it is benefit from the Deep technological breakthroughs in the field of Learning. Such as yu, baidu voice assistant “voice voice commands, voice search, question and answer”, and other functions, it is through the depth of neural network technology to realize.

baidu history’s first research Institute has been set up in 2013, “the Institute will focus on the early Deep learning, is Deep learning technology, so we call this research Institute of Deep learning, hereinafter referred to as the IDL. We will attract global top player in this field to join us.” Li said.

“we will introduce a lot of talent in silicon valley, from the United States” silicon valley home from the United States and joined baidu yu and li as a technology curtilage male, more than a year, he still don’t know where is the international trade, in addition to shangdi frequented in wudaokou area. Baidu institute next to find talent is also this kind of technology.

baidu different department is managed by different vice President, and institute the team is responsible for directly by li.

hot micro letter in “mobile first mover advantage, but at the same time has also been questioned from operators and heckle head. Robin li, although few words, but his speech has been emphasized many times “how”.

in baidu voice assistant, for example, although a late start in the industry of other products, but is now in a relatively leading position. , according to data from baidu in terms of speech recognition accuracy, in the past year’s progress is the sum total of more than 15 years of progress.

in li’s opinion, it is the long-term technology accumulation to whole baidu voice products. Also similar as the image recognition technology is applied to the entire network after the search, baidu to SouTu accuracy has been increased from 20% to 80%. Recently, baidu also launched the first cut in the face of search products.

the Chinese Internet in the big three, Mr Ma is a high-profile, ma because WeChat too hot to high-profile, Mr. Li is really a low profile. Although low-key still cannot conceal its strong sea turtles, elite temperament, but li technology complex or will let baidu in voice search and mobile search round the incumbent “baidu mobile dream”, also look at baidu’s ability to execute, resources integration ability.

this, Gavin thinks, deep learning value of the project, will be reflected in the driven by mobile Internet, cloud computing, as well as the value of the data mining. This prospect has faintly visible, now on investment is not too early, it is the foundation of building the future competitiveness. Inexperienced do the baidu, baidu should continue to optimize the map experience, don’t jump too much integration business resources.

a Morgan Stanley research report on baidu, according to China’s search market growth over the next two years still keeps the speed of more than 40%.

baidu although have made a $APP downloads, but at present the real breakthrough mobile search has yet to start. The industry is still in question baidu mobile prospect.