Mobile IM: world war ii Line, WeChat, Kik ChengXinSan giants

IM LINE television marketing strategy has produced results, its products successfully scored three key markets, Japan, Spain and India, the other IM applications is a warning. IM WhatsApp may be the end, from now on, IM supplier may want to focus on playing a marketing battle, the scope affected dozens of countries.

now, the decline in the amount of text messaging on mobile phones has become a fact of life, has spread to the United States from European countries, even some of the major emerging markets such as India, began to decline, IM application is worldwide at breakneck speed, at the same time dominant competition with capital flows. LINE through advertising and marketing, finally successfully completed its breakthrough in India, in iPhone downloads from the humble 300 up before the 5 and then, at 9 months ago Spain, LINE is also use this method successfully opened the Spanish market and now they have already begun to enter the American market.

LINE ‘s recent actions have to disguise its Asian rival KakaoTalk aura, while the latter is occupied the market in South Korea, but trapped in the development of New market, and now, KakaoTalk only two market in Malaysia and Indonesia is the top 100 application, and are likely to quit in the summer the two markets.

the Path last winter is widely considered to be an end Facebook IM dream product in the United States iPhone free applications only top 1000 4 month, there has been a dramatic change, through a New user registration activity, Path once soared to the top 10, but the more dramatic is that two days ago, and fell to a faster 500 or so, see 4 month rose is just a flash in the pan, do not bring lasting benefits to the product.

it is interesting to note that the Kik recently is unlimited scenery, has expanded from the United States in the African and Caribbean market, the latest rankings of the 40 or, at the same time, in the past week, its rival Viber in several African countries account for top 3 , and Botswana in Tanzania iPhone list ranking the top even, the Kik is a nightmare, Africa is becoming a war front. African market original dominant Nimbuzz is faced with from Kik , Viber and WeChat (the letter), and micro letter from China recently suddenly in the southern region, including sealing webb, namibia and South Africa market downloads a chief.

the latest situation is that more and more IM application is increasingly showing muscle, it is generally accepted that this is the vendor trying various marketing strategies, like Path 4 month.


Path and KakaoTal k IM application “veteran” is now in the LINE , ) and Kik in the attack, I do not know how much they have tips to contend for the world.

IM market is now up to the competition, became the world’s largest niche market () highly specialized market demand, manufacturers are hoping their products into the top three, and in consumer use, most people don’t mind at the same time use three to five IM application, therefore, this time the winner of the world war ii may be more than one.