Mobile IM global wars will continue: Whatsapp triple substitutions, WeChat, Line difficult points

with the rapid development of mobile communication, more and more people have abandoned the traditional text messages, to charge lower free mobile App, even at present more popular there, WhatsApp, Line and the micro letter, and so on.

however, because of the rapid development of the past, the market now need a leader, like Facebook, the leading social networking.

the current mobile communications market is very fragmented, so to speak, with hundreds of products competition in the market share, but just a few years the situation, unless they strengthen its product user experience, so the war will last forever, no one will be on the pyramid spire. Now we have simple analysis:

the current market status

mobile communications market is extremely competitive, and the overall size of the market is very huge, it is estimated that by the end of 2013, mobile traffic will reach twice the traditional communication SMS, with the increasing of the number of consumers and usage, mobile operators will likely to charge mobile communication.

worldwide, WhatsApp may is currently the market leader, they have 3.5 YiYue message volume active users and 25 billion days, so, this product is made more great achievement, but his opponent a lot of very strong also, for example, micro letter, Kakao Talk, Line and Kik.

although a period of time in the future, WhastApp may continue to lead the market, but it is undeniable that mobile communications on this big cake and a lot of variables, such as,, according to Onavo WhatsApp on iPhone usage is decreased from 9.25% in May to 7.97 in August, and is a continuous decline in three months.

of course, some think it may be only for WhatsApp success the thorns on the road, will soon be over, but most companies still clear market competition isn’t over.

why winners were slow to

we reason has three

1, the youth is the main groups use mobile App, they are more easily attracted to new products and services, like Snapchat and Kik.

2, compared with Facebook, IM more convenient. For example, you have 10 ~ 20 friends, and each of them has an average of 300 ~ 400 Facebook friends, IM more convenient and more intimate. Many teenagers think that Facebook is now in the age of their parents and even grandparents products, therefore, more and more teenagers gave up the Facebook.

3, but from another perspective, IM history is not long history of social networking products, IM traffic is far from Facebook, Twitter and sets a big.

win where the law of

now all the work mechanism of mobile App are the same, that is passing messages between two users. So, the differences are reflected in the number of new users and information transfer experience. Anyhow, if you want to win the market, it must provide better, more rich user experience, to let users to their historical dialogue not ready, so that users won’t give up easily use your product.

all in all, for the user, who can better experience for him, he’ll use whose products, this is a question of mobile vendors need to ponder.