Mobile data services APP Annie raised $15 million

mobile data service Annie today announced that in the C in the round, obtained the sequoia capital 1500 dollars investment, they will be used to establish new analysis platform tools.

the company headquarters in Beijing, set up the San Francisco office last year, its main business is for application developers to provide accurate market data to estimate report and market analysis of the application of service, and have been able to support apple’s App Store , Google Play , amazon app store and Microsoft WP platform.


Annie this company, if you are a venture capitalist, then you will know it, because it will tell you which App usage is soaring. About a year ago, Annie is financing 6 millions of us dollars, the famous investors Greycroft Partners also tells us, “we used to be a free user, and now we spend a lot of money.”

“at some level, we are through the Annie to get to know our investment of App , and at the same time monitoring application companies and their rivals, as well as their business plans.” Sequoia partner Tim Lee said in an interview in the mail.

Tim Lee said, the company is studying Alan Gould’s chances of joining the board, which is a measurement of advertising effectiveness of the company IAG , the founder of the 08 Nielsen company with 2.25 $bought, and he himself now uSamp of and Greycroft partner.

although Annie to know which applications are downloaded, but he don’t know whether user after the download is often used, unless the application is shop service, and the data collection is no national boundaries, it is reported, sequoia capital is invested in another focus on mobile App market, Onavo , it mainly through a small sample to collect users App using the data, so to speak, Annie and Onavo is used in application analysis on the market at present recipients have two companies, they provide developers with the analysis of the paid service.

for developers to provide better data download a little big platform of the investment risks, but the Lee , Annie now create multiple business platform, so they need more data, and even cross-platform data, risk in coexistence of opportunity forever.

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