Mobile autonomous brand mobile phone today released exclusive behind the scenes

the author: Mao Qi surplus

2 August morning, in the media attention and the industry in question with independent brand of mobile phone in Beijing, from then on, the Chinese mobile phone market in many a brand mobile: China mobile.

sohu IT learns from the inside, will release two mobile phone TD smart today. A 4 inch screen for byd foundry, price between 399-599. Another for hisense foundry 5 inch screen, the price should be between 1399-1599.

developers conference as early as 2012, China mobile, China mobile’s CEO Li Yueceng revealed that China mobile will launch its own brand mobile phones, media, in Barcelona in February this year is likely to launch on the forum. Because China mobile’s top attaches great importance to this kind of mobile phone, so Mr Li will attend today’s launch, and will explain why do mobile phones, and the next step for China mobile company’s goals and strategies.

however, sohu IT learned that in fact this two phones have been in the reserves, really is on research and development and production in April this year, the research and development team, composed of 19 men after hundred days of overtime. At present, the products in the ministry of industry and monitoring stages, estimated that 10 to 15 days later can be listed.

“for some time, we never had a day off”, to participate in research and development engineer tells sohu IT. Conference on the eve of the author and the mobile terminal company personnel for the mobile phone produced by the reflection of the independent brands, conducted a discussion.

1, China mobile, why do your cell phone?

for some time, the media is the most controversial of China mobile phone, why do why into his is not good at terminal areas? Is the most good at China mobile network channels and integrated industrial chain, and mobile phone industry is multifarious, hardware and software as well as marketing involves too many specific problems, China mobile can play with the “right”?

one, in the mobile Internet mobile transformation needs. As early as in 2011, moving in the “intelligent pipe, open platform, characteristic business, friendly interface” policy, 16 words become under the tide of the mobile Internet and mobile in the way of change. Among them, the “business” and “friendly” interface, the theory basis of build its brand mobile phone.

secondly, mobile tall to end in investment. Company was founded in 2011, China mobile terminal, and has more than 30 branch was established in the national, bear the TD terminal of the important tasks of procurement and supply. It is said to independent innovation of mobile phones, Mr Li I have been in the test. In addition, China’s three carriers are state-owned enterprises, social responsibility has always been a “selling point”, therefore, like mobile phones for the elderly, children’s health notion such as mobile phones, safety, top is particularly valued.

in the third, the move to retake voice in custom machine. China’s three major telecom operators in a custom machine occupies a very important role in terminal market. Users can’t see the TD as zhongguancun and other large supermarkets for mobile phone? Because of custom channels. China mobile has earlier and blackberry, nokia push “all”, doesn’t seem to be working. For two reasons: on the one hand, terminal manufacturers do not necessarily understand China mobile’s intentions, the other side, terminal manufacturers also playing their own blueprints, can’t completely listen to China mobile. Recently, the meizu jack blamed China mobile “evil forces” is very typical. In mobile insiders call a spade a spade “we want of leading industry chains, have their own platform.”

its 4, China mobile, the differentiation strategy needs. In unicom and telecom has not before entering the terminal area, be sure to “steal”, otherwise, in the era of mobile Internet gradually become OTT, plus three carriers of the same operation, in a tough position. In the words of Mr Li, the independent brand of mobile phones will assume its mobile Internet business more, for example, hkust fly a tacit dispatch of business, etc.

2, China mobile will compete directly with terminal manufacturers?

listen to China mobile, the first high-level response:

worldwide developers conference in 2012, China mobile, China mobile chairman Mr Li at the conference said, “China mobile will certainly make the independent brand mobile phone, but not with the existing terminal manufacturers direct competition”. Mr Li, for example, wal-mart, gome also do direct electrical home appliances brands, but also other brand of home appliance distribution.

look at market cake: ministry of industry and the latest data show that in the first half of 2013 China mobile shipments and 291 million td-scdma handsets, shipments of 97.643 million account for a third.

we know that the mobile terminal company in 2011, currently only two phones, and only support TD format, shipments up to millions of level (according to the internal, actual number is smaller than that). For such a large terminal market, a drop in the bucket.

however, sohu IT after big chatting with more industrial chain terminal manufacturers, they have these concerns:

one, in the mobile terminal and marketing companies are dominated by China mobile. Such, in market competition, will encounter different policy, despite the terminal company says “fair competition”, but in fact, on the terminal subsidies, such as “charge fee to send mobile phones” marketing link, will recommend excellent free brand?

secondly, mobile profits more than millions a year, if the end in the field of research and development and promotion of investment increase, and the terminal price pressure too low, at home and no way to confront any terminal manufacturers, will not lead to the original live on custom terminal manufacturers out?

in the third, mobile suddenly do your own mobile phone, the original terminal vendors to cooperate, the sword in the throat, at any time face is out of danger. So, in terms of bidding, and custom, in order to survive, the voice may be less.

the concerns of the manufacturer is necessary, but, after all, China mobile is a carrier, in the field of mobile phone or a “primary school”, China mobile launched the two phones are “testing the waters”, estimated recently for a period of time in not very big, but, in the next few years is really difficult.

3, the risk of termination with geometric?

in mobile Internet operators transformation process, the failure of the coefficient is very high, China mobile’s recent failure product is not less. China mobile Jego, fly to chat in the Chinese market is in the “stop” trouble. In fact, before the independent brand mobile phone launch, media attention is not under the independent brand mobile;

one of the poor quality, mobile phones, seriously affect the company’s brand. According to the mobile terminal company team from MOTOROLA, nokia, samsung and other international well-known manufacturers, the OEM for byd, hisense, products should not be too bad, so the risk is very big;

second, finish the KPI, profit is too low. Mobile in the KPI assessment in more than 10% profit growth requirements, profit it is a rigid lever. Once the two phones listed after the sale is not good, squeeze too high, cause the waste of resources. We know that move across the country has 24000 business hall, in the provinces are terminal companies, and shipping is not more than million level, for the mobile, the sales of a piece of cake. In addition, the push is one thousand yuan for smartphones, cost is not too high, therefore, even if you don’t succeed, also won’t have much damage;

the third, the industrial chain. The introduction of independent brands, the user is more than a choice, but if the mobile phones in the share is too high, a boycott to the terminal manufacturers, forced China mobile to change strategy, stop the terminal sales. This possibility, but the strength of the current terminal company, impact on the terminal manufacturers also can not reach this level, besides, now, zte, hisense, cool under the counting on China mobile, lenovo and so on, to increase its shipments.

mobile group in 4, whether to end the company the opportunity of trial and error? It is said that this does not cause the terminal pressure on corporate profits and number, but according to the lifecycle of the mobile phone, this phone released in August, September, estimates may also be the end of the year.

source: sohu it