Mobile application is eroding Facebook

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create personal data, build friends network, share photos and music, this seems to be in describing the Facebook, but was more than Facebook. In North America and Asia to WhatsApp and micro letter on behalf of a large number of mobile communications applications, in light of mission a bigger size.

these applications in hundreds of millions of young people, in the mobile communication natural soils are like natural germination, but into the social network and water. You may turn off the computer will no longer use Facebook, but never put down the phone and mobile phone in them, which is Facebook’s fear.

what is the next Facebook? Wave of mobile Internet will be the answer to the shore, you can deny their future, but at least now, “WeChat” Facebook have hung up inside.

old tree in front of keeping green forever

WhatsApp2010 years of release, redefined the one-to-one mobile social mode, then Kakao, micro letter in succession, the Line to join, has inherited the pioneering spirit. The tencent micro credit number has reached 300 million, so far, far more than Twitter. Line and Kakao Talk, boasts 120 million and 80 million respectively, the two companies have started to expand the market.

the information application in recent years reflects the growth of Internet usage. During this period, the desktop Internet traffic plateaus, and smart phones and application downloads is a trend of increase. More and more people begin to Through mobile phones and other mobile devices to the Internet, the Internet the next big thing is doomed to born in the mobile platform. Doubt, because Facebook mobile business development potential has been listed after market shrinking, need revenue into mobile market expansion. What means to hard? Facebook is a headache.

Google ventures, partners in the odd minas, when it comes to investment information application MessageMe has said that “the real interaction is a natural form of dialogue.” Represented by WhatsApp mobile application provides users with an easy to send text messages and platform of language to chat with friends, and, more importantly, they is tailor made for mobile phones. Usually allows the user to create a chat group, and does not limit the number of group, also can be read automatically phone contact information, to create the contact list, so the user can easily get in touch with friends, information privacy issues also are much simpler than social networking sites.

mobile communication application of influence how much? Born in the mobile end more than Facebook, private clubs pay the network Path for the shock. Last summer, Dave morin, founder of the Path to realize the importance of information function in the smartphone, began to integrate these functions. Since this year to launch the new applications in early march to the Path of daily active users has increased by 15%. Maureen thanks to new information function, this “what is the leading cause of people to use this thing? Is making phone calls, text messaging and communications. Information is the foundation of the mobile social networking.”

if only stay in the basic information service, Facebook might also will only laugh it off, terrible is that these applications are increasingly integrated into the elements of social networks. After download Line application, users will find application is nested within other applications and services, such as a competitive game and friends; Practical Line Camera applications. The Line of coffee BBS chat sites provide specific topic. WeChat users can conveniently to share text, pictures, music, video and other kinds of content to a circle of friends, bypassing the spun out of the site in the form of traditional social network, it also explains why Facebook is willing to share application sets a $1 billion acquisition of photos.

as the the application to the social networking platform, open platform mode gradually, also inspired outside developers innovation enthusiasm. Statistics show that in the south Korean market, the ten top Android applications, there are 8 is based on Kakao Talk development game. “In your address book and Facebook friends, this is an ideal place to build a powerful mapping.” Sequoia partner Jim ji oz said. Once this kind of information application reach a certain size, they can form a sufficient rival Facebook “social graph” network, which integrated the vast amounts of user data relations and activities, to build a highly accurate content and advertising transmission channel.

in the mobile market profits, they also walk in the front of the Facebook. These mobile applications not only rely on advertising to profit, form more flexible.

the Line of business model is to sell the application in the map, and provide the official certification for celebrity or brand. The Line to make the map have their own professional graphic, also seek cooperation with production company in the website. In map stores, the user can has a strong, Japan and South Korea style to spend 12 yuan to buy lovely map. Rely on expression texture, Line 4 months to 300 million yen. The current Line of entertainment, social landscape is bigger, its exclusive expression map of cartoon image has been skipping appeared on television screens, also launched a comic book reading should be in Line Manga. In some commentators, the Line has already been referred to as Japan’s Facebook.

Facebook: lonely at the top

to the dust settles, you don’t want to be the smallest one, how much more are you Facebook.

Facebook CEO mark zuckerberg is already no longer, he has publicly to Facebook is called a “mobile”, it emphasized the development of the future. Purchase them from last year, to launch its own Messenger information application, to talk to buy WhatsApp to launch depth even custom Android Facebook Home, Facebook has been in a defensive position.

stuck in Facebook users in order to expand the account system, allow you to directly enter the name and phone number registered to use Messenger application, greatly reduces the application of the threshold. In spite of this, rather than professional mobile message application, the product still swollen too wife, loading time is too long, too much unnecessary content. Facebook message mechanism of aging no into the characteristics of instant message quickly, did not catch WhatsApp on mobile applications such as fine pulp.

let Facebook can mellow tone is a little, the use of these communication application have very big limitation, internationalization of active users is not enough or is quite limited. While Facebook huge users will obviously help to solve this problem. With the envy of other communication software user viscosity, Facebook could change user mobile communication habits.

don’t have Facebook’s crisis not only from the former foot soldiers, another giant also in silently. In the past period of time, about Google is developing cross-platform instant messaging applications of Babel rumor has not ceased. It is expected to be in this year’s Google I/O conference applications will integrate Google right now all the communication tools, including Google Talk, Hangouts, Voice, and Google + Messenger, and will be fully covered Android, iOS, Chrome and Gmail web users and other platforms. Compared with independent applications such as WhatsApp, Babel have integrated with Google services existing height, once Google put it in its Android system, relying on the existing system and the Android Google users huge permeability, Babel is likely will completely change the existing application market pattern of communication.

brought the opportunity to the popularity of smart phones, Line return to parent company’s master lee hae-jin once said, “a person will dream the most free”, congenital deficiency and carrying huge burden Facebook at the starting Line hesitated a long time. Today, Asia has hit a new frontier in the application of mobile Facebook became completely follower. Still, as long as Facebook moves fast enough beautiful, with 1 billion users and strong adhesive still have the opportunity to the envy of the world, occupy the mobile market.

source: tencent technology