Mobile advertising: Google a take global mobile advertising more than half of the revenue, Facebook grew up rapidly

according to the latest forecast according to market research firm eMarketer, Facebook social networking giant obtained rapid development in the field of mobile advertising; At the same time, the search giant Google alone took half the total revenue of the global mobile advertising. In addition, the global total digital advertising revenue will reach $117.6 billion.

below is from the primary data for the forecast report:

mobile Internet advertising:

0, (2012) (2011) to 5.35% market share, Facebook last year in the field of mobile Internet advertising, gained great development. With gradually complete the layout of the mobile mobile terminal, eMarketer predicts that Facebook’s mobile Internet advertising revenue in 2013, will be in total global mobile Internet advertising revenue, accounting for more than 15.8%. Compared with 12.9% for after eMarketer predicted.

, as mobile search and mobile video (such as Youtube mobile client) the development of Google in this year, will continue to lead the mobile Internet advertising industry. EMarketer expects , by the end of this year, Google’s mobile network advertising revenue will account for 53.17% of global gross income (52.36%) over the same period last year.

, eMarketer believes that in 2013, the total revenue of the global mobile Internet advertising market, will reach $16.65 billion, compared with last year increased by 89%.

global digital advertising:

, in addition, eMarketer predicts that in the digital advertising industry, Google’s market share accounted for 33% (31.46%) last year, and a healthy global digital advertising publishers to continue.

, eMarketer report also pointed out that Facebook’s digital advertising will account for 5.41% of total global digital advertising market. While Yahoo will decline to 2.97% (3.37%) last year. Microsoft, the basic balance (2.46% 2.49%).

, eMarketer predicts that in 2013, the global digital advertising revenue will be as much as $117.6 billion. One of the top three of Google, Facebook, yahoo’s revenue, $38.62 billion, $6.36 billion and $3.5 billion respectively. in addition, ranked seventh in the amazon’s digital advertising total revenue of $840 million, up 37.7% year-on-year.