Millet TV launch: 47 inch price 2999 yuan

on September 5, hunting cloud network news

millet company today released smart TV, 47 inches, price 2999 yuan. Will stand aside from September 16, engineering machine, formally machine sale in mid-october.

millet TV configuration is as follows:

47 inch 3 d smart TV

the qualcomm Xiao dragon 600 MPQ8064 processor, quad core 1.7 GHz


2 gb memory, 8 gb high speed flash

WiFi dual-band, double double double transmission

bluetooth 4.0, comprehensive support bluetooth headset/speaker/console/keyboard/mouse

aluminum alloy front panel, thin body, extremely narrow margin, the fuselage the thinnest place of 2 cm, the thickest place 4.8 cm

based on the depth of the Android custom beautiful MIUI TV