Millet, others do

some time ago to go to the section rice noodles, really feel crazy rice noodles. When lei jun loudly shout “good” on the stage, the audience “the scream seems to let a person forget, it was” only “a” show business “, rather than a big star’s concert.

Met at the scene made a special trip from shenzhen “scriptures” shanzhai boss, they really wanted to find some available for practice from millet success experience, lei jun says, millet, the secret of success is a triathlon, hardware + software + services. It sounds simple, but is not easy to do. Especially for the mobile phone manufacturer, how many people will have the strength to support a triathlon?

the south collective mobile phone manufacturers now in a state of anxiety. But know the secret of the lei jun, again how? Lei jun is not you want to learn, to learn can learn, mobile phone manufacturers can only choose a way to be able to practice.

select hold thigh

in the rice isn’t much of a day after day, a conference organized by ali mobile alliance, konka, amoi have several mobile phone manufacturers such as mobile phone platform for ali.

these manufacturers choose to embrace the cause of the thigh, in addition to ali phone operating system, and a more realistic consideration, that is all of us took a fancy to alibaba’s ability to sell mobile phone, as China’s electricity, there would be no company can be more powerful than alibaba can help those handset makers to sell goods?

and mobile phone C2B model too meet ma describes the electric business trends for the future. When C2B ma put forward the concept, and not many people can really understand, but millet “futures” showed a live case to you. Ll: C2B is such a play.

alliance, the basis of a mobile phone manufacturer in the triathlon most are not good at software and Internet sales of these two baggage to the Internet companies, yourself familiar with the hardware manufacturing, while Internet companies from union installed capacity for mobile Internet traffic entrance.

there are two notable, it is the handset makers are not put all the basket in the phone, ali alliance is not exclusive, that is to say, if the cell phone and ali cooperation is not smoothly, these vendors can immediately ran to baidu, 360. In addition, in addition to the channels of the Internet, the mobile phone manufacturer still dropped heavily in operators.

completely transformation C2B

multi-channel choice also shows that most of the traditional phone makers cautious, but also has thoroughly to C2B.

C2B model core is scattered by aggregating distribution but a large number of users to form a strong procurement requirements, enable consumers to enjoy in the interests of the big wholesalers to pay the price of the goods; Companies at the same time to collect all kinds of information demand of fragmentation, which can provide products that meet the most users demand and personalized needs of products.

the Fried surfaced more fire mobile xu was only one hundred percent. For a company to do a mobile channel for more than ten years, one hundred percent of its transformation to completely open platform for C2B. Xu’s understanding of C2B has five links.

it is the policy, according to the demands of consumers, let consumers together to define a smartphone. Second, a total of research, through online interaction, for consumers to participate in research and development of product customization. Third, mediatek, manufacturing mobile phones with consumers and joint consumers together to publish. Four is the custom, from hardware to software, different degrees of customization. Five is purchased through the C2B, coupons to consumers in advance, let everybody to order.

relative to millet C2B, this five link rich a lot, but compared with millet main several star model, the test is one hundred percent of the company’s supply chain.

Who will win the

another do mobile sensation is that Mr Luo. Mr Luo contrast lei jun, xu peace is very interesting.

in the triathlon, Mr Luo is not a good at, and this is why Mr. Luo spray do cell phones are a lot of people. Think cassandras, old is a complete outsider, cell phone does not only depend on enthusiasm can be made. But Mr. Luo fan, a personal brand, although old phones have not made now, but Mr. Luo to make mobile phone it has got around.

xu have experience as a mobile phone, have experience as a service channel, triathlon in two, but now lack of experience and enough recognition software. On both counts, xu chose to cooperate with good Internet companies, such as baidu, such as competitive world, it can quickly improve one hundred percent company 100 + personalization of mobile phone industry influence and user profile.

however, as lei jun says, the Internet changes too fast, strategic planning is idle Internet companies do, say so, millet experience is really suitable for others? No one could have foreseen.

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