Millet CFO YuMingDuo due to “family”

3 on and message, millet company issued a statement yesterday confirmed CFO YuMingDuo last 11 month because live too far away, on both sides of the Taiwan personal questions. YuMingDuo remained millet adviser, the millet CFO job openings.

it is known that YuMingDuo 2011 , 10 month, YuMingDuo first is formed during the millet millet financial, legal and intellectual property team, millet to profitability in the second quarter of last year, and last year 6 months 2.16 $financing.

however, as business very hard during the startup of millet, millet company executive single for a long time, can only take a day off every weekend, basic execution 12 hour work week, employees often work overtime, also only then perform double cease.

YuMingDuo departure also has a lot to do with millet high strength work. News that YuMingDuo after back to Taiwan, reacting to work in the millet is hard to work overtime and two words, says life in Beijing is helpless pain , did not come home until midnight every day, also work on Saturday.

at the end of last year YuMingDuo departure, millet said, given YuMingDuo family reasons, so respect his personal choice. YuMingDuo last 11 month formal resignation. YuMingDuo join millet, millet, founder and chairman and LeiJunCeng said he arrive on millet mass production will be a great help.

the YuMingDuo by university of Pennsylvania Wharton school master of business administration, Taiwan’s political university master of public administration, a former Taiwan IC manufacturing company’s financial manager, chief financial officer of mediatek co., LTD., and the news spokesman. 2011 , 10 on science and technology, CFO .