Millet again expanding category: 2 s and 2 a two phones

on April 9, hunting cloud network news, millet company in today’s “rice festival officially released on millet 2 s and 2 a two phones, among them, 2 a price 1499 yuan, will be listed for sale in three weeks’ time.

according to the official introduction, millet 2 s is conducted on the basis of the 2 upgrade, among them, the application processor upgrade from 8064 to 8064 Xiao dragon Pro (8064); Megapixel camera from 8 million to 13 million pixels (32 gb), CPU performance increase 25%, and power consumption reduced by 5%! Among them, the millet mobile phone version 2 s16g price 1999 yuan, the 32 gb version price 2299 yuan, open purchase at 8 o ‘clock tonight.

millet mobile phone 2 a

millet 2 s

at the same time, the millet company also began crying around the market to Hong Kong, Taiwan area, and users can also be respectively on millet’s website for online purchasing, site; respectively, 2 s 16 g version of the Hong Kong price: hk $2499, in Taiwan for nt $9499.

millet mobile phone is equipped with 2 a qualcomm dual-core 1.7 G 28 nm Xiao dragon S4 Pro, 4.5 -inch IPS screen, retinal meters HIFI system, support for the latest 5 G WIFI, support NFC function. Millet mobile phone 2 a for 1499 yuan, will be listed in three weeks’ time.

in addition to release new closed, lei jun at the scene also notified by millet company operating results, millet mobile phone sales total of 7.19 million units, 12.65 billion, sales tax 1.9 billion yuan.