Microsoft Windows Phone emerged in Europe

according to market-research firm Kantar Worldpanel Comtech latest data, the third quarter of 2013 under the unremitting efforts of nokia, Windows Phone market right now is all the way walk good. In Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the top five European markets, Windows Phone almost 1/10 of the market share. And particularly in Italy, sales are even more than iOS.

in selling mobile Phone business, Windows Phone in the European market that is expanding rapidly. According to Kantar research analysis, Windows Phone this good prices can almost “to” nokia’s sale. March, June, July and August this year with Windows Phone system of smartphones in the European five big market account for 9.2% of sales.

in emerging markets, particularly in Latin America, nokia’s development momentum is to be reckoned with. Nokia has influence in the region for a long time, most consumers almost all had a nokia classic. According to Kantar analysis, in the region to promote entry-level the company smartphone, will be very feasible and effective.

see each market situation on the UK market, Android is still high, with 58.4% of the share occupied suzerainty. Windows Phone, orderly growth reached 11.4% market share. While power is slightly less than the iOS accounted for only 27% of market share, a one percent drop in the past. But Kantar thinks, during the Christmas season, with apple’s new iPhone, the market share of iOS will usher in a strong rebound.

in the Chinese market, with the local brands gradually rise, the overseas brand is no longer the only superpower.

Android sword kuo to blew a 81.1% market share, up from 14.6% last year for. Among them, in the third quarter, with Android domestic smartphones accounted for 44%, compared with 30% last year is also a significant growth. Kantar analysis shows that, lenovo, huawei, millet and cool is because of its good cost performance, small and medium-sized cities in China are favored, popularity once more than international brands.

Kantar strategy director Dominic Sunnebo said:

the Chinese consumers have ability to afford a high quality smart phones, and also willing to splash out. Data show that some people are even willing to spend 70% of monthly income to buy a new smart devices. At the same time of high investment, Chinese consumers also want to buy mobile phones can value. Therefore, in the high ratio of performance between the local brands and low ratio of international brands, must surely give priority to price factors.

the following is an excerpt from Kantar, analyze data, mainly introduced to many countries in the market, the market share of each major operating systems.