Microsoft Surface products across the board price cuts

earlier this month, Microsoft announced the open Windows 8 flat Surface Pro price cut $100 in sales promotion. Should have in the activity ended yesterday, but today’s official has announced that Microsoft will permanently introduce the “welfare” program.

the following is a Microsoft Surface tablet price specific adjustment:

, Touch Cover (Surface flat on clavier) reduction of $40, current price is $79.99.

, limited edition Touch Cover which is listed in China in February, reduction of $30, current price is $89.99.

, Surface RT (32 gb) + Touch Cover binding sells for $399.99.

, Surface Pro (64 gb), the price of $100, current price is $799.99.

although successively cut as much as $150, but Microsoft still not save the market performance of Surface RT worse. Even Mr Ballmer admitted that Microsoft produced too much Surface RT products. Part of the personage inside course of study thinks, continuous launch Microsoft Surface tablet sales, in an apparent bid to clean up a lot of backlog of inventory.

previously, foreign media reported that science and technology, Microsoft is testing a new Surface RT tablet. The device with Windows 8.1 system, built-in high-pass Xiao dragon 800 processor.