Microsoft send Bing into campus: use Bing integral, saving integral free exchange Surface RT

close for some time, Microsoft and Google has launched a “school”. First, Google announced on school students education version of Youtube, then Microsoft launched “”.

today, Microsoft’s “Bing for School” project officially started commissioning.

it is understood that the project is designed to provide students with safe and healthy Internet search service. The first will be part of the schools in the United States of 80000 students to participate in this plan, the future will expand to other other schools.

although Google also launched against the school before purification version of Youtube, can the students often can easily bypass the Google content filtering system. Unless the school administrators additional filtering software installed, or the ongoing configuration changes, otherwise, some students are not suitable for minors will still be able to browse the Youtube content (reference). The school edition of Microsoft launched Bing search, main purpose is to provide students with a healthy and safe network environment. Google did not completely and this, just do it.

not only that, this time in order to promote Bing Microsoft for School project, also launched a free credits for Surface RT activity – Bing Rewards. Every pilot schools of teachers, students, parents, etc can all be involved in Bing for School activities (i.e., use the Bing search), to obtain the integral. When a school with more than 30000, Microsoft will be awarded to the school a Surface RT. Microsoft officials point out that, in general, 60 Bing users through the use of nearly a month, you can raise to 30000 points.

. Integral activity does not involve the Chinese market at present.